Cuvée Privée launches ‘adopt a vine’ so British wine lovers can now receive their own bottles of French vintage wine straight to their door

Owning a French vineyard and drinking your own vintage is the dream of every wine lover, yet at around £5 million per hectare in prestigious Burgundy or Bordeaux, this dream is far from reality… French startup Cuvée Privée is on a mission to change that. 

Now, with Cuvée Privée, British wine lovers can adopt their own French vines and follow the journey from harvesting the grapes, nurturing the vines to bottling and then receiving their own personalised bottles to their front door. 

Born into a family of independent Champagne makers in rural France, Marie Forget started the company after a visit to London where she discovered that while British love to drink French wine, they are not well connected to it.

“Our mission is to demystify French wine in order to make it accessible to all. By adopting a vine, British wine drinkers own their own little part of France, and follow their vines journey from harvesting, aging to bottling. Everyone deserves their own cuvée, the finest wine from their own vines,” explains Marie Forget, founder of Cuvée Privée.

In the wine world, cuvée refers to a particular batch or blend of wine, a wine of superior quality or a special reserve. Cuvée Privée literally means ‘having your own private superior wine.’

How does it work?

Customers pick six vines from a vineyard they want to adopt from exceptional wine producers. Each vineyard in Cuvée Privée’s portfolio has been handpicked by prestigious Parisian sommelier, Bernard Neveu.

Customers receive a welcome box containing complimentary bottles of the current vintage of the chosen vineyard, a certificate of adoption and information about the winemaker.

Their name will be marked on their adopted vines. At the end of the year, vine adopters get six bottles of the next vintage produced by the adopted vineyard, labelled with their names. 

Throughout the year, vine adopters follow their vines through monthly newsletters and are invited to visit the vineyard and meet the winemaker. They also receive special invitations to the events at the Cuvée Privée Club and can access Cuvée Privée’s Wine Cellar at producer prices with up to 30% off. 

At the end of the year, they can decide whether to continue their vine adventure and build up their own lifetime collection of personal vintage.  

Handpicked by Paris’s top sommelier

From zesty Chardonnays to fruity Pinot Noirs, Cuvée Privée’s wine portfolio is selected by prestigious Parisian sommelier: Bernard Neveu, Head Sommelier at Le Bristol Paris. Of all the wines considered for Cuvée Privée’s portfolio, only 1 out of 10 passes his rigorous selection process.

Cuvée Privée’s portfolio of winemakers come from the most renowned appellations such as Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru, Saint-Émilion Grand Cru and Champagne. Prestigious estate Château de Pressac is also in its portfolio.  All the wine estates use responsible viticultural practices, which is a guarantee of quality and respect for the environment.  

For one year of adoption, prices range from £135 to £590, depending on the type of wine. Find out more at