Woman in red alpine ski outfit

This winter, ski fashion is at the forefront. From retro pastel ski suits to polka dots and leopard prints, the 2022 ski trends put an emphasis not only on what you wear on the slopes but also off the slopes.

Was it Lady Gaga and her monumental performance in the 2021 movie House of Gucci that catalysed the Apres-Ski fashion comeback? Or has looking cool during and after your ski session always been on trend?

Whether you’re a seasoned skier or an enthusiast, heading for the terrace bar or winding down in the lodge next to the fireplace, looking chic both on and off the slopes is a must.

Here is how to transition fashionably from a day of shredding to a night of chilling and what to pack.


On the slopes: ski attire trends

From Lycra one-pieces in psychedelic patterns in the 1960s, through the invention of Spandex in the 1970s, to baggy snowboard gear, ski fashion has come a long way. It’s fair to say that today’s ski attire mode is eclectic, with an emphasis on both functionality and style, and is definitely nostalgic. Here are the top 2022 trends that will make you stand out.



Layering isn’t a 20th century invention. After skiing transitioned from military activity to a leisure sport, people realised the importance of staying warm on the slopes. Base, mid, and outer layers tie your whole outfit together while offering you glam, comfort, and warmth.

Start with long johns and a long-sleeve tight top layer, preferably in synthetic materials or merino wool – both have sweat-wicking properties and are the best for keeping you warm. Next, cover with a fleece pullover or a vest and top it up with your outer layers. Windproof and waterproof ski jackets and ski pants are your biggest protection from the soaring cold and wet snow. Durable water-repellent (DWR) coating or Core-Tex fabrics are ideal for that.


The oversized puffer jacket revival

Speaking of outer layers, oversized puffer jackets are taking the fashion scene by storm. It seems that some of the most prominent designers have been on a spree of accentuating their ski chic outfit with some thermal staples.

Luminous ski jackets in nudes, lilacs, and blues that defy the concepts of form and shape are Miu Miu’s emblematic look from her ready-to-wear winter 2022 collection. The designer showcased masterful layering of silk slip dresses and bold knits with ski jackets in a superb Alpine backdrop – the perfect interpretation of the brimming ski season.


Metallic shine

Futurism meets ski chic and cool tones in the metallic shine ski attire look. The trend-setter for this alpine vogue is the one and only Louis Vuitton. The designer launched an entire capsule collection devoted to the winter sport, which provides a full look from top to bottom, from day to night.

Jackets, salopettes, and trousers in full-blown metallic colours are perfectly matched with printed mountain landscapes for a real winter holiday feel. And the best part is that Louis Vuitton has designed a new logo in the shape of a snowflake specifically for this collection.


Retro pastel

This winter season, ski fashion nostalgia will be prominent on the slopes with retro pastel colours. Channel your inner child and embrace those warm happy colours in a sunshine-ready fashion.

Pastel colours allow you to mix and match your attire, and you can never go wrong with it. 2022 will be the resurrection of the 80s pastel cavalcade.


Off the slopes: apres-ski fashion trends

Once the ski boots are off, the after-ski fun begins. Changing your ski gear for your apres-ski attire marks the transition from the day to night activities.

The term apres-ski originates from the French Alps in the 1950s and it stands for post-ski activities, including chilling by the fireplace at your lodge, drinking craft beer, and dancing through the night.

Although there are no set rules for what to wear post-skiing, there is one guideline you must follow: coordinate your apres-ski fashion with your ski gear!

Most skiers decide to keep some of their ski gear and swap the rest with more leisure-appropriate clothes. Here are the top trends for 2022.


Swap the boots

The first thing you’ll want to do at the end of your skiing session is take off your ski boots. Let’s face it, while they’re practical, they aren’t the most comfortable in the world and there is a wealth of winter footwear that’s perfect for your apres-ski activities.

Biker boots, for example, are both comfy and stylish, and ideal for dancing or chilling. Moon boots are also making a comeback, and you can never go wrong with a classic pair of UGGs.


Goggles for sunglasses

Welcome the sunset at a terrace bar in the company of craft beer, mellow techno music, and a pair of trendy sunglasses.

White sunglasses and striking frame shapes will be rocking the scene this upcoming year, so make sure you bring a pair of those to swap with your goggles as soon as the last lift stops.


Alpine heritage

As we’ve established, nostalgia is one of the dominant themes this winter season, and it’s made its way into apres-ski fashion too. Remember those ‘grandad sweaters’ in intricate patterns in the likes of gingham, racing stripes, and fair isle? Ornamented in the classic colours of red, white, and blue, we will see a lot of knitwear, beanies, and leggings around the apres-ski bar.

The best thing is that you can keep all your underlayers and salopettes, and simply swap your jacket and fleece for a groovy sweater. Add a funky beanie, a pair of sunglasses, and a bandana in the same pattern, and you’re ready to / good to go.


All white

While white is a bit of a risky colour to wear while on the slopes as it blends with the snow, it’s ideal for your apres-ski activities.

Embrace the white princess / Snow White look with a fair isle white sweater, white snowflake-shaped earrings, white shearling moon boots.


Rocking up on the mountain in style is essential for your ski holiday. Make sure you pack all your ski and apres-ski gear essentials for a fashionable transition from day to night. Just like Fred Picard, “international authority on glamour in the snow”, said in 1957, “a girl can look sexier in ski clothes than in a bathing suit”.