The fashion industry is always moving forward while looking back, combining the latest trends and needs of the day with the classic successes of the past. LALLAXRR is the epitome of this approach, with its contemporary, eco-friendly, unisex brand built on the recycling and up-cycling of vintage pieces. Having been acknowledged as one of 2020’s Leaders in Sustainable Fashion Design – London, we decided it was time for LUXlife to take a closer look.

Founded by designer Lalla Bronshtein, LALLAXRR was created to kickstart a recycling revolution. The intention was to create something ethically minded and thoroughly sustainable and this straightforward attitude runs through the whole business. That said, the challenge has always been to combine this element with a clear need for a high-fashion edge and Lalla has managed to achieve this combination with aplomb.

Lalla’s hard work has seen LALLAXRR go from strength to strength, with its heavy focus on the creation of one-off, on trend garments that reduce the need for clothing production. One of the benefits of the company’s recycling and up-cycling approach is that no two pieces are identical, meaning each is one of a kind and LALLAXRR is the only supplier. This approach has allowed the team to work with clients ranging from stylists to bloggers on bespoke items. The clear message of what the business is about makes it easier for clients to align themselves with the brand and what it is saying.

With such a specific message to communicate, it’s essential that every aspect of the company is facing towards this goal. As a small company, there is an appropriately small team of seamstresses, photographers and interns working for LALLAXRR. This makes it easy to ensure that everyone involved in the company has an excellent understanding of the industry, and the growing place that is being made for sustainability within it. This clarity has proven a factor in success for the business and Lalla has seen it expand considerably over time. Her work is now being stocked in UK shops as well as stores in Los Angeles and Paris.

The importance of remaining up to date with the latest fashion developments is not lost on Lalla and her team, and they try their best to keep up with the direction of fashion taste. This means looking at all sorts of sources, 
with Instagram, magazines and street-style making up the main reference points for the LALLAXRR team. That said, while following trends is incredibly important, LALLAXRR has always defined itself as a trendsetter, pushing fashion just a little beyond what people are used to.

The steady decline of vintage shops across North London, which are a major resource of material for the business, has meant that the team has had to look further afield for its vintage items. Often, the best finds are in places such as Margate or Brighton. That said, the next few months present an amazing opportunity for the company, with the latest in a long line of exciting new clothing being released in the next few months. This presents the business with an amazing opportunity to reinvent and reintroduce itself to a new audience of consumers.

The world of fashion is in constant flux, reacting to an ever-changing world, building on the tastes and memories of what has been. The latter is one of the ways in which LALLAXRR is able to excel, building on the legacy of the old to create something thoroughly new. It’s an approach that keeps Lalla and her team dedicated to a sustainable view of the future that reinvents what has been to create what could be.

Contact: Lalla Bronshtein