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By incorporating ingenuity, enthusiasm and experience, Õpaal Interiors have secured their rightful position as an award-winning and leading design firm. Today, the team at Õpaal are determined to find the perfect balance of user ambition, industry needs, and physical space shape to create truly exquisite spaces. As we take a closer look at what makes this company Dubai’s leading high-end designer for 2019, discover the secrets to their luxurious success.

Bringing together over fifty years’ combined experience across a total of nearly three million square feet of designed space, Õpaal are pioneers in the field of interior design. Using their keen eye for spatial awareness, intimate understanding of aesthetic aspects, and aptitude for making the most of practical and beautiful spaces, this company have quickly emerged as one of Dubai and 2019’s leading designers in the interior design industry.

The company have delivered for a wide variety of clients, fashioning spaces for the hospitality sector, model homes, commercial and sales centres, as well as a string of luxury interiors for homeowners and up-and-coming retailers. As more businesses and clients are looking to differentiate themselves, the importance of relevant and inspiring interior design cannot be overlooked.

Quality interiors and designs are fundamental in creating first impressions that last in the recipient’s mind. Õpaal’s experts, equipped with the best and most up-to-date knowledge in successful contemporary design and furnishings, are always on hand to help guide clients. Eager to help shape a vision into reality, the company work to incorporate the clients wishes alongside their own luxury knowledge.

Effortlessly combining their understanding of materials, textures, finishes and colours, the team at Õpaal can help elevate areas into accommodating and contemporary spaces that represent client’s unique palettes, and the best industry practices. Partnership between the careful project management team and the vibrant, client-centric team will consistently deliver world-class renovations and creations that anyone would be proud of.

Creating any successful interior space is the product of partnership, and Õpaal know this. Clients are invited to utilise their expert design knowledge to cultivate the setting and ambiance necessary for any space. From the conception of an idea, to final management details, this interior design studio are serial collaborators to bring dream spaces to life. Every project begins with an idea, and clients are offered an initial consultation to share ambitions, objectives, budget and expectations. Once the idea has begun to form, the design team at Õpaal then shape the dialogue into tangible forms, with suggestions and visual propositions.

Once all parties involved are happy with the concepts, renderings of the space take centre stage. Õpaal guide clients through the design process that ensure that the happiness is maintained as the implementation phase draws nearer. Development and anchoring of suppliers then happens, as the team work to find and secure the best rates on quality items to make the vision a reality.

Finally, with the materials in place and all parties happy with the design, the project manager will organise and oversee the item from start to finish. Bringing together a wealth of talent and vision to their work with private clients, architects and structural engineers, Õpaal create truly innovative solutions for all interior spaces.

With more than forty services offered, the team Õpaal are sure to be able to help in any way possible. Skilled staff are always on hand to supervise and coordinate all facets of any project, mediating and dealing with issues as they arise. Ensuring that a consultancy is carried out prior to any work, the client is always at the centre of everything that the studio do.

Collaborating with their large network of suppliers, Õpaal strive to work within budget constraints to make sure that every client has the best choice possible for materials and design needs. Whether clients are renovating, or starting from scratch, the professionals are able to shape spaces to complement both industry and personal preferences. If tastes are found at home, or further afield, the team do their absolute best to ensure that each unique space is equipped with quality fittings from reliable sources.

Õpaal Interiors

The spaces designed by Õpaal are often sleek, classy and contemporary, a truly expert blend of practicality and luxurious beauty. Whether it’s hotel lobbies, office spaces, retail areas, or private residential spaces, each space is different and yet connected by a running theme of modern elegance.

Perfectly encapsulating the essence of luxury and practicality, Õpaal designed a series of hotel spaces at Marjan Island Resorts and Hotels, ranging from the entrance lobby to exquisite apartments. Inspired by the breath-taking views of the sea and sky, each space draws on the surroundings to create outstanding spaces.

The entrance lobby is grand, but with the tranquillity in its ambience to dilute guests transition from the outdoors. A large tree sits in the middle, surrounded by reflective pool and modern chic seating to give off the feeling of a homely living room. The colour schemes carry earthy tones that provide guests with a truly soothing sensation upon entry.
That same level of luxury is extended to the attached high-rise apartment, which features an open living space with floor-to-ceiling glass windows overlooking the sea. Sleek modern lines and warm materials are enhanced with rich accents, as the grey and earth tones perfectly complement each other.

Whilst most of Õpaal’s spaces include their trademark designs such as floor to ceiling lines, large windows, classy colour schemes and chic modern furniture, no two spaces are the same. Fusing all these elements together in uniquely different ways has allowed for the studio to remain at the top of their game since their inception, creating practical and beautiful spaces.

Ultimately, Õpaal’s success is thanks to their luxury, high-end design being consistently of such a high quality. Each finished and furnished space exudes luxury and class through carefully selected materials, colours, furniture, and a keen understanding of the client themselves. This Dubai-based interior design studio is responsible for some of the best, and most luxurious spaces, across the entirety of the United Arab Emirates, if not the world.

Contact: Jacinta Dellota
Website: http://www.opaalinteriors.com/