Travelling consists of multiple parts. Planning the trip and packing the essentials is one thing. However, no traveller is immune to the occasional mishaps. Your luggage might get misplaced, or you might realize that the advertised Airbnb is less comfortable than advertised. Luckily, you can purchase items that can ease certain inconveniences.

Rimowa Cabin Luggage Harness

If you’ve ever checked your luggage in cargo, you might feel the dread of it being misplaced or seized by customs for random inspections. That’s why you see so many people taking carry-on cases with more than just valuables. Yet, that also causes issues for fellow vacationers who might also want a spot in the overhead bins.

An excellent gift for such travellers can be the cabin luggage harness from Rimowa. You can wrap it around a regular suitcase within a few seconds, and it doesn’t damage the surface even under immense stress. It also has a few pouches to secure electronics, tablets, or a 16-inch laptop for easy access.

Half day Garment Duffel

This unique duffel bag is the perfect gift for people who like to carry more than they require for every trip. The base zip line can hold a suit or gown wrinkle-free while you can roll it up to create an open-mouth bag.

Leatherology Deluxe Passport Cover

Made from 100% full-grain leather, these are the perfect features for protecting your passports from external damage. You also get enhanced functionality as the inner lining consists of high-quality fabric. There are two pockets to store cash and four credit card slots. Leatherology even lets you have RFID protection and your initials embossed on the front cover.

Calpak Jewelry Case

You should not carry high-value items like jewellery on your vacation, especially to an area that you’re unfamiliar with. Still, a few want to bring their bling game on. The Calpak Jewellery Case can be a practical present for those shiny souls.

With a faux leather exterior and faux suede interior, this case is rugged yet smooth to the touch. The ingenious compartments and a large drawstring pocket ensure that no one can pierce the outer layer to steal your precious jewellery.

Steam Deck

Gamers who love to travel know that their rigs can be bulky to carry around. They instead opt for a smaller handheld console to get their fix on the train or in their hotel room. If you know such a friend, they’ll highly appreciate it if you buy them a brand new Steam Deck.

Available in three modes of varying storage sizes, the Steam Deck lets you play your favourite PC games with the controls built right into it. The battery can last well past five hours with the proper settings, and you can log in using your Steam account whenever you wish.

Drowsy Sleep Silk Mask

Napping on a train or flight can be challenging. So, if you believe your friend or relative may have trouble sleeping during their stay, you can provide them with the Drowsy Sleep Silk Mask. The big, squishy, cloud-like padding lets you feel as if someone is hugging you to sleep (preferably Ryan Gosling).

The mask has a fully adjustable strap and a total blackout frontal design, making it fit any face shape and size. Its outer surface is made from pure mulberry silk, which is safe for all skin types.

Wireless Travel Routers

Enjoying a decent internet connection is essential while traveling. If your hotel Wi-Fi keeps acting up, a portable travel router can help. They are travel-friendly and easy to set up. Thus, you can take this lighter alternative anywhere.

However, if you will use the hotel Wi-Fi, do not forget to enable a Virtual Private Network. A VPN is an app that protects your data on any network. Thus, if you plan to use your computer to book tours or rent cars, turn on a VPN for PC and proceed with your bookings with more protection.

Ries Refillable Travel Container

Ries makes travel-safe containers that prevent spillage with their dual-lock mechanisms. They manufacture shampoos, sunscreens, hair conditioners, etc., all contained within cases made from recycled plastic. Ries only uses organic, vegan components without silicones. Thus, they are suitable for all skin and hair.

Short Summary

And that concludes our list of luxury travel gifts that can make every trip a 5-star one. You can buy them for yourself or give them as a gift.