Discover London’s ‘Izakaya’ At Hakata Ramen+Bar, Bermondsey Street

Immerse yourself in the flavours of Japan, as HAKATA’s Izakaya concept provides the ultimate destination for those seeking an authentic Japanese experience. Situated in the heart of London Bridge on Bermondsey Street, HAKATA champions exceptional Japanese cuisine with its delicious Ramen accompanied by fukusai; smaller delicious dishes that perfectly accompany any drink.


HAKATA’s basement bar celebrates the Izakaya concept that is popular throughout Japan; akin to a Japanese ‘pub’ the bar serves superb cocktails with a Japanese twist accompanied by fukusai, including prawn gyoza, soy garlic tebasaki (chicken wings) and succulent pork ribs.

The menu of the Japanese ‘dive-bar’ concept embraces the traditional cocktail but with a modern Japanese twist. Created by Bar Manager, Ginger Zerbetto, the cocktail repertoire takes guests from a smoky TOKYO Negroni to a refreshing YUZU Mojito combining Yuzu Saké, White Rum, fresh lime, brown sugar and fresh mint. For those who want to embrace tradition, the impressive Saké menu including a distilled number from Peckham provides the perfect aperitif or food match.

Kumamoto Ramen

For those looking for a bigger dish, the hearty Ramen served upstairs in HAKATA’s ramen-ya feature a range of vegan broths, rich meaty flavours and perfectly cooked noodles. Using only premium and authentic Japanese and Asian ingredients, British meat and fresh local produce, HAKATA’s menu certainly sets the standard in SE1.

Among the popular signature dishes is the Kumamoto Ramen: a twelvehour pork bone broth served with slice of chashu pork, menma, spring onion, yakinori, wood ear mushrooms, beansprouts, a soy-stained softboiled egg, burnt garlic oil and garlic chips.

HAKATA offers exceptional spirits, delicious food and a Tokyo style buzz that is a truly winning combination.

(Feature image credit: Hakata Ramen+Bar)