There’s nothing more luxurious in life than avoiding the crowded gyms in favour of a home gym with one of latest state-of-the-art treadmills and a fitness coach to assist you. Join the new trend of fitness influencers, weight-loss programs and instagrammers turning their backs on the traditional gym environment for a more personal way to keep fit.

Our time is of high value: there’s no need to waste it by sitting in traffic to and from the gym or waiting for machines to become available during your workout. Simply get on your treadmill at home for a total body workout at any spare moment. 

The workout space is getting more and more technology focused, making workouts more enjoyable and less hassle. The training experience is entirely different on a treadmill today compared to pounding the pavements outside – with inbuilt HD Touch Screen and Smart Displays you can be completely immersed in your workout.

The iFit Coach is a revolutionary interactive training programme which helps you get much more out of each workout. Use your NordicTrack treadmill’s console to track you progress, and tailor your workouts to your specific fitness goals.

NordicTrack have designed aesthetic treadmills which are sturdy and durable. You can choose from Commercial grade treadmills, treadmills which focus on cushioning, incline, durability or all-round functionality with a sleek design. Many of the treadmills come iFit ready.

Anywhere in The World

You won’t feel like you’re on your home gym treadmill thanks to one clever feature of the iFit Coach – you can be transported to anywhere in the world with the iFit Coach workouts powered by Google Maps. From Paris to Sydney the HD Display will have you running through the most picturesque backdrops. The previous iFit version enabled a display of Googlemaps images on your screen following whichever track in the word. But now, the latest iFit Cardio version is even more impressive : you can enjoy in video a personal trainer, running or cycling along with you and giving you advice! You just have to step on your treadmill or bike and follow your coach at your own pace while enjoying the most beautiful scenery in the world of your own choosing.

What’s more, as the terrain changes on your screen, console or tablet you’ll feel every hill and dip on your treadmill with the terrain matching technology. This will increase the difficulty level of your workout and engage different muscle groups as you run.

Train Smarter, Not Harder

Your training programme will match your treadmill, which you can choose yourself from an expansive library of workouts. There are workouts for every fitness goal, be it weight loss to achieve the body of your dreams, or training for the next iron man, the iFit Coach has got you covered.

Meal Plans to Keep You On Track

Fuel your workouts with the right food. The iFit Coach can calculate your caloric intake and provide you with a range of delicious and simple recipes to choose from with video tutorials from nutrition experts. It’s just one step away from a personal chef in your house. Don’t let those gruelling treadmill workouts go to waste by eating the wrong food, the iFit Coach will keep your diet on track.

Comprehensive Workout Stats

With the iFit fitness tracker technology, all of your workouts are automatically recorded without you having to do a thing! Every single moment you spend on your treadmill will be accounted for and used to improve your future workouts.

Working out from home has just had a huge facelift thanks to iFit technology and the stylish, high-spec treadmills that are available today. Getting your workout in has never been easier!