Wedding car

Couples work so hard to get their wedding day perfect, there is a lot to remember when you’re wedding planning, outfits, venues, dates and much more. However, couples often underestimate and forget about how they are going to get to the wedding venue. They are so fixed on everything running so smoothly that they sometimes forget the form of transport they’re going to travel in. A detailed well thought out wedding plan will include the perfect prestigious wedding car for the couple to travel to and from the wedding in style.

The wedding car will be used to take the bride from their home to the place of worship, and then by the newly wedded couple to the wedding reception, planning your wedding car shouldn’t be too low down on your wedding planning list. Alongside, the travel aspect of the car, it can also be used for those beautiful wedding photos with your family and friends. You will look back on the day and be pleased that you hired a luxury wedding car. In 10 years, when you are looking back at your wedding photographs, you will most definitely remember the prestigious car you travelled in, it will live long in the memory.

Another advantage of hiring a wedding car is that it’s a safe and reliable form of travel to go to and from the wedding venue. Many reputable wedding car hire companies service and maintain their fleet of luxury cars to ensure that you travel with no stress and enjoy the special day.  It’s also important to take into consideration the wedding car when you’re budgeting for your wedding. The last thing you want is for you to drive yourself to the ceremony, you want the day to be effortless.

Many modern-day weddings have a theme that brings consistency to your special day, from the initial wedding invitation that you create to the food that is served at the wedding reception. When thinking of a theme for your wedding day, you should think about how the wedding car fits in with the overall theme of your wedding. For example, if you want a classy, elegant wedding you may want to look at Rolls Royce wedding cars. They ooze class and would be a perfect form of travel on your big day. The wedding cars regularly come with ribbons, flowers and a red carpet leading towards the venue. These can all be customisable and many wedding car hire companies offer wedding car hire packages that help you decide which added extras you want to make the day that little extra special.

Nobody likes the stressful build-up to their wedding day, overthinking about what you haven’t booked yet or even missing something off the wedding plan. Therefore, we recommend that you book your wedding car three to four months before the big day. If you leave it too late, you may not get your dream car and then you will have to choose your second choice, your wedding should be perfect. Another thing to think about is before finalising the booking of the fleet of cars, ensure that you ask about the condition of the cars, while also asking about insurance etc. You could also ask to visit to see the vehicles to see the quality for yourself. When hiring anything, there are always terms and conditions and these terms differ between companies. Therefore, you should have a read of the T & C’s before booking the fleet. Also remember to double-check the time, date and chauffeur details with the wedding car hire company.

The last thing you want on your wedding day is for you to be rushing around and delays to occur, when you hire a wedding car with a professional chauffeur, one thing that they guarantee is punctuality. They will make the relevant timings to pick you up from your home and then getting you to the wedding ceremony in good time.

While it’s important that the bride and groom travel in style to and from the wedding ceremony, you can also get your close friends and family to follow suit and travel in a luxury car. The wedding car hire company will have a fleet of prestigious cars so you could potentially book multiple cars for your big day.