Luxury Interior

When it comes to interior design, there are some easy tips and tricks that can help you to get that luxurious feel in your home, without breaking the bank. For starters, choosing neutral paint colours throughout your house or apartment will create a sleek look, plus, it is easy to add accessories when the walls of a room are a shade of white, cream, or pale grey. Investing in a great mattress and bedding, as well as opting for good lighting, are among the best choices for bedroom decor. Such choices can go a long way toward ensuring you get a good night’s sleep and help to promote that 5-star hotel feeling without leaving your house.


Pick high-end design

Choosing where to spend your budget when renovating or decorating your home is key to achieving that truly luxurious feel. Investing in great flooring or windows, for example, is ideal for achieving a lux look in any room, whether it’s the living room, bathroon, kitchen or bedroom. There are other areas where you can perhaps cut back and spend less of your budget. Upcycling or repairing old but good-quality furniture is one way to save the pennies, for example, leaving you with more budget for other decor items. Epoxies can be used on just about anything and are a quick, durable way to mend any household items.

Other ways to achieve a chic interior when redecorating include the following:

  • Choose textiles in natural fabrics and neutral colours. White, beige and grey rugs, curtains and soft furnishings always look fresh and calming
  • Enhance storage space in your home by decluttering and using baskets for storage and organisation. Rattan and wicker are particulary stylish
  • Select lighting carefully. An uplighting effect can easily be achieved with floor lamps, for example, and is ideal for creating a softer ambience in the evenings.
  • Bedroom lighting is especially important for unwinding in the evenings after a long day. Select lamps and bulbs carefully to evoke that relaxed, hotel feeling
  • Smart devices such as a smart speaker, smart lighting and smart appliances can truly add that luxurious touch to day-to-day living
  • Research minimalist decor ideas. Minimalist design is ideal for creating a sense of spaciousness, which goes a long way in enhancing that luxurious feel
  • Natural materials are a great option for hard surfaces too. Furniture or countertops in marble, wood and glass all add that lux touch to a home


Organisation and storage

A tidy, uncluttered home willl always feel fresh and relaxing. Whether it’s the kitchen, living room, bedroom or pantry, a neat and well-organised space will also be easier to clean and maintain. Decluttering before embarking on any DIY or renovation project is a great way to reduce the amount of items in your home, thus making it easier to keep neat and tidy. A spring clean or decluttering weekend is also a great way to assess the items you currently own. Anything that is no longer needed can be donated or thrown away, for instance. Items that need to be mended can be repaired, whether it’s household electronics, furniture or clothing. There are plenty of ideas available online, such as tips to make kitchen appliances last longer, which can offer long-lasting suggestions for household repairs, big and small.

Creating the home you want can be done with simple design tips such as selecting the right colours, decluttering where possible, and scaling things back for a more minimalist look. Choose where to invest your budget and where to save, and a lux design will be quite achievable in any room.