If you are planning a camping trip or you have one coming up soon, then make sure you are taking the steps to plan it properly. Good planning ensures a good trip! Camping does not have to be all bugs, dirt, and a lack of showers. In fact, it can be quite the opposite as you can make your camping trip luxurious. If you require some tips and inspiration, then you have come to the right place.

Here are 6 easy ways to make your camping trip luxurious. 


1. Rent Out A Cosy Camper

First things first, the ultimate way to turn your camping trip into a luxury camping trip is to rent out a cozy camper. Campers are a great way to connect with nature without having to sacrifice too many of your home comforts. There are plenty of reliable campers for rent that includes a functional kitchen, a cozy bed and some may even come with air conditioning. So you can enjoy all the things that nature has to offer while being able to go back into your cozy camper. It is a great way to ensure that you are protected from inclement weather because nobody wants to be in a leaky tent when a thunderstorm strikes. What’s more, they offer you more flexibility than simply using a tent as you can take your camper anywhere you like with ease. 

2. Pick A Stunning Location

The key to a luxurious camping trip is a stunning location because when your surroundings feel magical so will everything else. Take the time to do research on potential camping locations and check out what people have been saying about each spot. Reviews will give you a clear indication as to how good or bad a place may be. If you are not in a camper, then you should think about finding a location that is known for having flat ground so that you don’t find yourself sleeping on a slope. Opt for locations that are serene, tranquil, and have beautiful scenery as waking up each morning will feel like a blessing.  


3. Pack Comfortable Chairs

This may seem like a trivial point, but having comfortable chairs with you will be a game-changer. Sitting on the floor is uncomfortable and can be damp when you experience wet weather. You can find lots of camping chairs online that are affordable, practical, and comfortable, you will just need to take the time to check out the reviews. You will be grateful that you did once you wake up in the morning and you can have your coffee in a nice comfortable chair as opposed to something that is just on the verge of breaking. 


4. Marshmallows Are A Must

A camping trip would be incomplete without marshmallows, so make sure that you pack plenty! Whether you are going on a trip with your family, friends, or a partner, roasting marshmallows by the fire will always be a wholesome experience. If you want to make this experience special then you can buy gourmet marshmallows and pick from an array of flavors. Also, consider bringing biscuits and chocolates so that you can make smores too. Do not forget to bring the skewers/something to roast the marshmallows on, as otherwise, you will be sorely disappointed. 

5. Bring A Portable Grill

If you are planning on not using a camper van then bringing a portable grill is an absolute must for your trip. Being able to cook your own food in the great outdoors is a beautiful experience and one that will keep everyone happy. You can bring plenty of luxurious foods to cook up on the grill and the aromas will fill the air. There is nothing better than the smell of bacon cooking while waking up in the great outdoors. What’s more, you can wash all this good food down with some fine wine. So whatever the occasion, make sure the food matches its special nature. 


6. Go Stargazing

Going stargazing needs to be a priority on your list of activities for your camping trip. There is nothing more spectacular than watching the stars above you as you spend time with your loved ones. Make a proper night out of it and gather up all the pillows, blankets, and snacks you can find so that you can set up a cozy camp and enjoy your evening. If you want to take this even further, you could purchase an astronomy telescope or pair of binoculars to get the best view of the sky. Also, if you are not quite sure what you are looking at, then consider downloading a stargazing-based app such as SkyView, Star Walk, or Sky Safari. There are plenty to choose from and you will be able to tell your friends and families all about the constellations in the sky and what patterns to look out for. 


7. Pack A Picnic Basket

Another great camping activity is to go for a nice walk to a spot that is perfect for a picnic. Pack blankets and all of your favorite foods and drinks. When you get to your special spot you can relax, eat strawberries, drink prosecco and bask in the sun (if the weather permits of course). A picnic is an inexpensive activity to do that can be very rewarding. If you have a family then you should consider packing some games or a frisbee for some light entertainment. 


8. Bring Ambient Lighting

To set the mood you should bring portable lighting to hang around your camping spot. Once the sun sets you can turn your site into something that looks like it belongs in a fairy tale. You could consider using lanterns, fairy lights, or lighting in mason jars to bring your campsite to life. This sets an ambient atmosphere where everyone will want to cozy up with each other, sing songs, tell stories and roast those gourmet marshmallows by the fireplace. 

Camping can be luxurious when done right, and if you use any one of these 7 tips then you will ensure a trip to remember. Happy camping!