The nursing movement is enjoying a moment in the spotlight after a spate of celebrities have recently uploaded photos of their feeding and expressing regimes to their social media pages. Despite the benefits and the beauty of these images, most mothers would agree the reality of expressing is not quite so glamourous!
Many mothers give up breastfeeding due to its impracticalities, particularly when returning to work, so the promise of a new wonder product is seriously exciting stuff. The founders of Elvie, the world’s first silent wearable breast pump, promise to bring women’s technology out of the dark ages, and they make very bold claims about the Elvie Pump;
Designed to fit seamlessly into your modern life, the wire and tube-free breast pump is lightweight and compact, and fits comfortably into your nursing bra, allowing you to go about your daily routine while you pump. It uses revolutionary technology to eliminate noise, so you can express in peace, anytime, anywhere.

Too good to be true? LUX put it to the test…


At first glance the Elvie Pump looks impressive; it feels more like you’re unwrapping a brand new iPhone than a breast pump! It’s not only sleek, compact and lightweight, but also incredibly easy to set up and assemble, connecting effortlessly with your smartphone, which is an absolute must in order to take full advantage of the remote-control function.

Once the six parts are assembled it fits inside your nursing bra and can be controlled remotely from your smartphone via the Elvie app. The app allows you to monitor milk volume in real time, track pumping history for each breast and adjust the settings. The pump has two modes, stimulation and expression, and it will switch between these when it detects let-down. As it gives a live status on milk volume, it will also pause when the bottle is full, and a message will notify you on the app.

In terms of discretion, the pump isn’t technically silent, but it is as close as possible. You could easily sit in a meeting or go out for a coffee with nobody being any the wiser. Although it is smaller than a traditional pump, it does require some covering up if you don’t want to be spotted, but that’s easily managed with an oversized jumper of a strategically placed scarf!

The main beauty of the pump is that its hands free; this is a serious game changer for mothers who are returning to work and don’t have time to hide away, hooked up to the mains for their lunch hour! With all of these benefits, you might assume that there would be sacrifice of some sorts, but if there is we haven’t found it. When positioned correctly the pump seems to be gentler but even more efficient than the leading traditional pumps on the market. 

It takes around two hours to fully charge and this provides you with around two and a half hours of power. If you forget to charge the pump the night before, the USB charging cable makes it super flexible to charge on the go – be that in the car or even via your laptop.
When purchasing the single pump you receive the hub, a USB charging cable, two 5oz/150ml bottles and the various components to fit around this, two different sized breast shields and two bra adjusters, which can be easily attached to a nursing bra. This all retails for £249 with a two-year warrant on the hub.

In conclusion, this pump seriously gets the LUX seal of approval, the post-natal world is brimming with elaborate inventions from mumpreneurs, if only they were all as impressive as this one! There may be cheaper alternatives on the market, but we firmly believe this is a great example of the age old, you get what you pay.  

What else do we love about Elvie? 

The brand’s philosophy is screaming out passion: from developing and delivering the products through to the aftercare every buyer receives. The team genuinely care about nursing mothers, and it shows. What are you waiting for? You can find out more about the pump here: