In the age of streaming and cinematic blockbusters, a new trend is captivating the hearts of travellers: ‘set-jetting’. This concept, where tourists flock to locations made famous by films and television shows, has fast become a pivotal part of modern tourism.

Set-jetting is reshaping holiday destinations worldwide as tourists seek out visually stunning filming locations to visit.

The allure of screen locations: Exploring the popularity of set-jetting

Set-jetting, or film-induced tourism, has quickly become popular in recent years and involves tourists visiting places because they have seen them appear on screen. Whether it’s their favourite TV shows or favourite films, this phenomenon isn’t just about standing where actors stood; it’s about immersing oneself in the same backdrop that framed compelling narratives and breathtaking scenes.

According to National Geographic, many popular TV shows have fuelled tourists’ desire to travel, including Emily in Paris and Squid Game. There’s even been ‘The White Lotus Effect’ where tourism has increased for filming locations of the popular show. After the first two seasons drove interest in the Four Seasons in Maui and Sicily, resorts are excited for potential tourist attraction with the third season being filmed on Koh Samui.

Popular Netflix shows like Bridgerton also help drive tourism in the UK, with increased location interest after they have been used for filming. Castle Howard saw a 3,400% increase in website visits from 18-24-year-olds after the North Yorkshire estate was featured on the show.

Idyllic islands for set-jetting tourists to visit

The lure of island getaways is undeniable, especially when they serve as key settings in beloved series. Koh Samui, a serene Thai island, is currently hosting the production of The White Lotus season three. Although not confirmed, season three may be filmed at the Four Seasons Resort there since the first two seasons were shot exclusively at other Four Seasons resorts.

Koh Samui’s palm-fringed beaches are a great attraction for many tourists wanting to immerse themselves in where their favourite show was filmed. Even if the Four Seasons or other luxury resorts are not suitable, the island has plenty of beachside bungalows, beach clubs, and more, for tourists.

Meanwhile, interest in the Greek island of Paros increased recently due to its appearance as a filming location in the Netflix series, One Day. Paros is known for its picturesque villages and pristine beaches and is a great Greek island destination for tourists to visit. Although only featured briefly in the show, the capital Parikia, Naoussa Harbour, and the island beaches can be seen in episode 4 of the hit TV show.

Greece: A cinematic paradise for every traveller

As well as Paros, used for filming in One Day, there are many other Greek islands which have served as beautiful filming locations for popular films and TV shows. The popular film Mamma Mia! was filmed on the island of Skopelos and various island locations can be visited by tourists wishing to stand where the characters stood.

Tourists can visit Kastani beach which served as the location for many song and dance numbers. No one could miss a chance to visit the Church of Agios Ioannis where they filmed the unforgettable ‘The Winner Takes It All’ sequence.

Greece has long been a favourite for filmmakers as it offers a scenic backdrop that translates beautifully on screen. The story of the Durrell family has been captured on-screen many times over the years with the TV series The Durrells and My Family and Other Animals being filmed on the island of Corfu.

For fans of the 1987 BBC drama, My Family and Other Animals, part of the filming was filmed at the Fundana Estate a 17th Century Venetian manor house standing in for the Strawberry-Pink Villa. For tourists looking to stay on the same estate, this stunning villa has views of the wooded hillsides and Mount Pantokrator.

From King’s Landing to tourist hotspot

Croatia’s tourism transformation is perhaps one of the most striking. The ancient city of Dubrovnik, which doubled as King’s Landing in Game of Thrones, has seen a dramatic increase in visitors over the years. The series showcased Croatia’s historic architecture and breathtaking coastlines, casting a spotlight on its beauty through the popular television show.

The TV show has helped push Croatia to the forefront of European travel destinations with many fans of the show choosing it as their next holiday destination. Walking tours can show tourists the top Dubrovnik landmarks where they filmed, such as The Red Keep (Fort Lovrijenac).

Set-jetting to your favourite filming locations this year

Set-jetting is more than a fad; it’s become a popular travel trend that will likely continue with popular shows and films that are released. As this trend continues, it offers travellers a unique way to connect with their favourite films and shows, turning fiction into reality and making every holiday an adventure into the heart of television and cinema.