Paris fashion. Dress, shoes on high heels on the background of the Eiffel Tower

Emily in Paris is the hit Netflix series that has fashion fanatics across the world looking towards the one of the clothing capitals of the world with aspiration and adoration. Lily Collins is Emily Cooper, a young American professional making a big splash in the fashion industry of the French capital.

But alongside love affairs, catwalks, and all the workplace drama that ensues with working as an ambitious twenty-something marketing executive, viewers are fascinated with the wardrobe and lifestyle that Emily enjoys.

But could you do as Emily does, pack up your bags, and move to Paris with the wardrobe to match the City of Lights?

New data from GAP reveals exactly how much Emily’s lavish lifestyle is costing her. The analysis costs every single garment that Emily has worn, alongside rent, bills, and food expenses. Comparing this to the average salary for her job role, we can see if Emily in Paris is actually getting Emily into an unaffordable lifestyle.


Emily’s wardrobe costs £115,195.83

The shock calculation measured the cost of every garment that Emily has worn during her two-season stint as the marketing fashionista, with designer belts, shoes, bags, and clothes contributing to a long receipt that could buy a house.

The most expensive items listed included a Chanel Lizard Round As Earth Bag (£7,992), a Valentino Tiered Tulle Mini Dress (£6,808), and a green cotton tweed jacket from Chanel (£4,584.30).

With the one-year time frame across the two seasons of the show, it’s estimated that Emily spends £9,599.65 on clothes and accessories every month.

Emily’s quick-changing outfits represent the range of high fashion against the backdrop of work life, socialising, and personal time. Her lifestyle is presented as aspirational and glamorous, but could price out those looking to emulate it.


La vie en rouge

While Emily’s wardrobe costs already add up to an expensive shopping tab, her lifestyle is no more affordable. So much so, that with additional rent, food, and expenses, Emily could potentially be living in the red more than she lives the life in pink.

Based on the character’s lifestyle, living in a central Paris apartment, wining and dining on pastry breakfasts and à la carte dinners, and enjoying many social activities, the data points to the potential extra outgoings from Emily’s funds. This includes:

  • Rent and bills — £1,594.18
  • Food every day — £627.15
  • Nights out twice a week — £147.17

This extra £2,371.46 per month on expenses combined with Emily’s wardrobe totals at £11,971.12 per month.

The average salary for a marketing executive in Paris is £38,792.99 before tax. This means that after tax, Emily’s monthly income will come out to be £2,215.93 — only 18.5% of her monthly outgoings.

Overall, it would appear that Emily could be shortchanged by £9,752.23 every month.


A better wardrobe

The analysis suggests that even Emily herself could not sustain Emily’s lifestyle, and it’s unlikely that we’d be in a position to be splashing out over £100,000 on our wardrobes. Emily’s wardrobe and expenses demonstrate that there’s a better way to buy and wear clothes.

A capsule wardrobe is quickly becoming a popular option for fashionistas who want to stay stylish throughout all seasons, year on year, without breaking the bank. By choosing a small number of high-quality wardrobe essentials in dark or neutral tones, capsule clothing can be paired and worn with a variety of other garments. These items can include hoodies, jackets, or as we go into the winter, womens black boots. Consider them the essential building blocks of outfits. There’s a reason why the most stylish people in the world have a capsule wardrobe that allows them to be timelessly chic.

If Emily could choose a capsule wardrobe over her extensive collection, it may make her lifestyle more affordable, and provide some extra space in her Paris apartment. With her skills in fashion and design, Emily could certainly maintain her couture presentation in affordable but stylish outfits. You definitely don’t have to break the bank to be chic and stylish, even in the fashion capital of the world.