An engagement ring is worth showing off, especially when you consider how much effort your partner has put into picking it out for you. Whether you’re announcing your engagement for the first time or simply showing your appreciation, you won’t want to upload any old photo. Take your time to take a ring selfie that is truly worth gracing your Instagram with our top tips to getting the perfect snapshot of your new sparkle.

Tip one: the nails
A sparkling diamond ring can make even the cleanest of nails look a bit dreary, so it’s well worth investing in a decent manicure before showing it off. After all, the perfect engagement ring deserves the perfect backdrop. Avoid any crazy designs or bold colours as this will just take away the attention for the ring.

Consider neutral colours and pastel shades, such as grey, pink and cream. A little bit of sparkle or even a couple of gems is absolutely fine when choosing these colours, so don’t think you have to choose a boring set. You want nails that are pretty without distracting from the ring, so opt for a simple design that still shows off your personality.

Tip two: the lighting
We can’t all afford professional lights, as handy as that would be. Natural light is your friend when snapping photos, especially with a ring as the focus as the light will bounce off this and make it shine. Artificial light will simply dull down your ring and won’t give an accurate portrayal of your beautiful new addition. Choose an outdoor location when taking your ring selfies and you’ll notice a big difference.

Tip three: the backdrop
As we’ve mentioned, your nails will act as a backdrop, but that doesn’t mean you can forget about everything else. Showing off a stunning ring is all well and good, but it won’t have the same effect if the background is a mess. Consider choosing a sentimental place that means something for you as a couple, such as the spot you met or where the proposal happened.

Tip four: the pose
Everyone knows that the way you pose on Instagram gives off a certain impression, but is this the case with a ring selfie? The answer, of course, is yes. Consider how your pose will reflect your relationship or proposal and try to make it more personal. The Knot has an entire post dedicated to ring selfie poses, which include holding hands, placing your hand alongside a love note and posing with a sparkler firework. Incorporating your pets into the photo is an adorable idea that brings adds a personal touch – if you can get them to stay still, that is!

Tip five: Take lots of photos
You may be the most organised person in the world, but that doesn’t mean the first photo you take will be perfect. Experiment with angles and distances while taking your ring selfies to get the best result possible. You may even want to try a few different locations and poses, so try not to settle on just one. Showing off your new engagement ring is fun, so play around a bit with your photos before posting a few. Having too many options is far better than not having enough, so snap until you can’t snap anymore.

Once you’ve picked out your favourite engagement ring selfie, add one of the many famous Instagram filters and share it with the world.