Hair tools

A woman’s hair is her natural crown; it is a symbol of attractiveness, as well as an indicator of health. For centuries, women have been experimenting with different ways to make their hair shinier and healthier. From strictly using sterling silver hair grooming sets to committing to 100 strokes per day, some hair care regimens were totally strenuous, and perhaps, over-the-top. Although hair care has become fairly easy, it still comes with its complexities. This is because of the increasing variety of hair products that we see lined up on a store’s shelves. Apart from the struggle of choosing the right, harmless shampoo and conditioner combination for your hair, the numerous dry shampoos, curl activators, anti-frizz serums, and sea salt sprays that are available for purchase can leave you overwhelmed; not to mention all the supplements that promise to leave your hair heavier, longer, and healthier. To save you the effort and financials that come with experimenting, we have decided to tell you about the essential hair styling tools that every woman should own.



While constant, direct heat exposure can be harmful to your hair, you should still own a hairdryer. Letting your hair air dry is not a bad idea, however, it is not always the most practical solution. We all shower before dates, meetings, events, or even regular outings with our friends; leaving our hair wet in cases like these is usually not practical.  Letting your hair air dry in winter is also often an invitation for catching an aggressive cold. The point is that you may never know when a hairdryer could come in handy. Whether you need to quickly style your curtain bangs before you leave your home or want to give yourself a fun, voluminous hairstyle, a hairdryer will always be your answer. If you want, you can spray on some heat protectant before you direct the heat on your hair, as this can help reduce the damage. 


Hair Waver

We don’t always have the time to rush to the hair salon before a special event, especially when we have so much on our to-do list already. With all the last-minute touch-ups and the anxiety that comes with getting everything done on time, the last thing that you need is to go all the way to your hair dresser’s and wait for the magic to happen. Besides, many hair salons can get very pricey, even when you are not asking for anything more than a simple hairstyle. Investing in a good hair waver tool can prove to be less expensive in the long run. Having your own hair waver allows you to get your hair done any time that you want; if you feel like changing up your hairstyle for the day, you can set your alarm a little early in the morning so that you can get your hair done before you set off to work. 


Saltwater-Based Spray

Do you ever wake up in the morning just to find your hair lacking shape and volume? A saltwater-based hair spray can be the ultimate quick fix in that case. It can give your hair texture, volume, and make it appear more lively. Most of these hair sprays come with a matte finish that will leave your hair looking like you just left the beach. This spray is the perfect effortless alternative for heat-generated waves; you will get that natural beach wave look all year long without heat damage. 


Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is perfect for touch-ups on the go. We all know the harm that frequent washing does to the hair. While we are aware that our hair can lose its shine and luster, we sometimes can’t help but wash it every day. This is why we should always have dry shampoo in reach. When you feel like your hair is getting a bit greasy even though you had just washed it or just completed a light workout, dry shampoo can be a quick, temporary fix. When you are shopping for a dry shampoo, make sure that its application is easy and non-messy and that it doesn’t leave a sticky or apparent residue. 


Detangling Cream

Tangled hair is one of the most dreadful things that anyone has to experience. The amount of time that it takes to detangle your hair, as well as the frustrating pain that you have to endure is not something to look forward to. Not to mention the amount of hair that you lose along with the intensive arm workout in the process. Using a detangling cream before you start styling your hair can be very helpful. It will make your hair much easier to brush through and will keep the hair damage to a minimum. Vigorous brushing can result in breakage and a great deal of hair loss. It can also make your hair look dull.


Hydrating Cream

Our hair is always exposed to the elements. Dust, pollution, sun, and water are all things that can make our hair drier and frizzier. You can use a hydrating serum or cream, although creams come in a wide array of textures that you can choose from, to help undo the damage. Choosing the right texture, consistency, and amount heavily depends on your needs and the nature of your hair. The cream will make your hair look richer, as it deeply penetrates each strand. It can help you tame frizziness, smoothen out your strands, lock in moisture, and even revive some of your hair’s dry ends. A hydrating cream will suit every woman, regardless of her hair type. 

Choosing the right products for your hair can be a hassle, especially since it’s not practical to keep trying out multiple products. Aside from the fact that hair self-care products are becoming more and more expensive, trying out new products every few weeks can leave your hair worn out. Having a few hair products or tools that you can depend on when styling your hair can save you a great deal of effort, time, and money. This is why we’ve collected these few tools that we think that you should own.