Beach style

Whether you are looking forward to relaxing at a chaise, attending an evening soiree, or seeking a beach to brunch outfit that wows, you have to pay attention to style. As much as you will be focused on having a good time, looking great and stylish at the beach calls for preparation. To some, preparation entails cutting down some pounds, which means hitting the gym hard a few months before summer comes. To others, hiding those extra pounds on the beach is their main concern. All the same, we all want to look stunning on the beach regardless of how beach-ready we are or feel.

Well, whether or not you were successful at attaining your desired body shape before summer, you should find this piece helpful when it comes to beach style. With a larger bias on the ladies, let’s count a few essential tips that will help you look great when spending time on the beach.


1. Choosing the Right Swimwear 

What makes beachwear so unique is that you have small cloth pieces that need to serve you in all ways. As much as you want to be comfortable and decent enough, you still want to look stunning and leave eyes gazing at you every time you walk by. When choosing swimwear, you should keep in mind that even the tiniest details count:

  • Vertical cutouts on a swimsuit give you a taller appearance.
  • Bikini bottoms with a high cut make the legs appear longer.
  • Wide shoulders are narrowed by round and V-shaped cutouts, as well as straps tied around the neck.
  • Volume is added with frills, ruffles, and other embellishments. These elements should be on your bikini bottoms if you have narrow hips and broad shoulders.

If you want your swimwear to hide the extra pounds you have, look for something multi-colored. If you don’t think your wide hips require that much attention, wear a bra with decorative elements. Looking fabulous on the beach sometimes depends on how you play around with visual effects.


2. Pick the Right Footwear 

Summer is the best time to spend at the beach. Given the warm weather, you want to keep your feet breathing while the toes enjoy contact with the soft sand. In this case, Havaianas sandals do a great job. To ensure you stay stylish, be sure to look for the Havaianas rubber logo when shopping for beachwear sandals. They come in a wide range of designs, sizes, and colors; you can comfortably match them with your beachwear or swimsuit. They literally complete your summer style look.  


3. Accessories 

Maintaining any look on the beach is highly dependent on what eye candy you have on you. You can’t blame prying eyes if all they see are your imperfections. This is because you haven’t given them something else to focus on. If you hit the gym to improve your fitness before summertime but your workouts didn’t quite pay off, you can as well invest in accessories that will divert any onlooker’s attention.

Accessories can be anything from a bright beach bag to sunglasses with fun designs and enticing colors. It can be a necklace, a hat, or something as simple as a bracelet. Keep in mind that too much of a good thing doesn’t create appeal. Therefore, limit your accessories to what creates a harmonized look or complements your outfit for that stunning look.


4. Prints and Color of the Swimwear

It’s okay if you never managed to cut those pounds before beach time. The right choice of colors or prints for your swimwear can help create a visual balance, leaving you looking stunning all through. To make this happen, you need to know what color or print does the trick and what doesn’t. Dark colors, for instance, can be used when you don’t want prying eyes noticing the extra volume. Bright colors, on the other hand, should be used in instances where you want to add some volume through optical illusion. Try out your selected beachwear in your room so you are sure each color serves what you had in mind for it.


5. Consider Bringing an Oversized Button Down

What makes a good cover-up, in your opinion? An oversized button-down shirt works the magic since it is easy to wear, traditional, and a little sexy. It can also be styled in a variety of ways. For instance, you can wear it as a mini-dress or tie it around your waist — whatever makes your heart sing!

The beach season is the ideal time to reveal to the world how beautiful and comfortable you are in your skin. In case you aren’t enjoying water sports, you’ll be enjoying the warm rays and relaxing. When preparing for this long-awaited season, the above tips will help you stay stylish and look stunning on the beach.