Estonia: Holidaying in a Real-Life Fairytale

Looking for a quirky holiday destination filled with breath-taking, picturesque sights? Look towards northern Europe to the beautiful country of Estonia and add it to your travel bucket list.

It may not be the first holiday destination that comes to mind, but Estonia can offer adventurers plenty of new and unique experiences, amongst fairytale-like surroundings. Here are a few reasons why a trip to Estonia could tick all the boxes for your dream holiday.

Go For The History

If you’re a bit of a history buff, Estonia is a fascinating country to visit. It has a distinct historical past, continually under foreign rule until it gained independence in 1991. As a result, it still to this day carries a wonderful clash of cultural influences.

The country spent 48 years under Soviet rule and the buildings and architecture still retain a distinctly Soviet feel. Amongst the old streets, medieval towers and city walls, you can explore an abundance of art and history museums, palaces and numerous churches in which you can get stunning views of the city by climbing up to the bell towers.

Combining the perfect mix of history, culture and various time periods – and that’s just in the city of Tallinn alone – the entire country is truly one of beautiful contrasts.

Go Island Hopping

Did you know that Estonia has over 1,500 islands? The most popular are Saaremaa, Hiiumaa, Kihnu, Ruhnu and Vormsi, each of which are plentiful in charm and ancient history.

Many of the islands have preserved their traditions and present an authentic experience for those looking for a tranquil escape surrounded by nature. They’re just a short ferry ride from the western coast, where holiday-goers can cycle, hire a car or hike to explore juniper groves, lush forests, stretching coastlines and stunning old lighthouses and windmills.

Soak in the Culture

Mass tourism hasn’t yet hit the country, so booking a holiday to Estonia means you can see the sights and experience the culture without having to contend with crowds.

Tallinn has the feeling of a small village despite being the capital city and you can easily wander into the incredibly charming old town. If you’re an amateur photographer and looking to find the perfect holiday snap, you won’t be short of opportunities there.

What’s more, you can sample all the best restaurants and cafes without waiting in long queues, which means you’ll have even more time to fit in all the history and culture of this remarkable country.


Different people have their own idea of what makes a perfect holiday. If you’re looking for an affordable, fascinating, authentic and peaceful break in Europe, then Estonia can tick all the boxes. Brimming with rich history and traditions, you can experience a real-life fairytale holiday amongst the picturesque backdrop of Estonia.