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Everything You Need for This Bank Holiday Weekend

It’s needless to say that this year has flown by so far, and with bank holiday weekend coming up at the end of the week it seems unbelievable that it’s almost September.

This summer, we’ve all had to adapt to a new way of life, with holidays abroad being largely off limits, venues being closed at the beginning of the season and staycations becoming the norm. Although this has taken its toll on us, it has also led to most of us learning how to enjoy ourselves in new ways.

This August bank holiday may not be celebrated in the usual way by many, however it’s still something we can look forward too.

So, whether you’ll be visiting the coast this bank holiday weekend, going out for socially distanced drinks or relaxing at home, we have some essentials to make your experience even better.

PopThirst Can Holder


We’ve all been in that situation where we open a drinks can, can’t find anywhere to put it and so have to hold onto it, ultimately freezing our hands. Well that can be solved this weekend with an innovative can holder from PopSockets.

The non-slip foam holder not only prevents your hands from getting cold, but most importantly it keeps your beverages cold. It also prevents you from dropping your drink when on the go.

Perfect for if you’re out and about this weekend, the Popthirst can holder has a compact design which means when you aren’t using it you can easily collapse it and carry it with you in either your bag or even a pocket.

What makes this even better, is that there are several designs and two different sizes available, meaning your cans can look good as you’re carrying them along. The PopGrip attached to the cover is also removable which means you can always swap it for a different colour from PopSocket’s huge collection of PopGrips which are most commonly attached to the back of mobile phones. On that note, why not make your phone and your can holder match!

Pretty Pastel Water Bottles

pastel waterbottles

On the topic of rehydrating in style, Waterdrop®, have just released a minimalist range of on trend pastel, stainless-steel bottles. If you’re out and about this bank holiday, these water bottles provide the perfect sustainable alternative to bottled water.

The insulating properties of the bottle also keep the water ice-cold for 24 hours or other drinks warm for up to 12 hours, to keep you going through the day. An attachable strap is also available so you can easily carry the bottle around with you when out and about.

Get yours here.

Fashionable Facemasks

It goes without saying that in the current climate, a facemask is an essential (unless of course you’re exempt). But why not shake things up this bank holiday and get a stylish reusable face mask to match your outfit. 

Not only do reusable fabric facemasks look good, but they’re also more beneficial to the environment as they can be washed and re-worn, in contrast to disposable facemasks which are thrown away after one use.

Here are some of our favourites:

Hype 3 Pack Facemasks

Hype Masks

With some of the boldest designs on the market, these Hype facemasks will make a statement. Sold for both adults and children, these unisex reusable facemasks come in a 3 pack which is super handy and allows for some variation.

Pictured above are some of our favourite designs to rock this bank holiday. Available at under £25 for 3 masks, the full collection can be viewed here.

The Antibacterial Pacamask


Available in several block colours including baby pink, grey and black, these masks are both unisex and available for adults and children.

Made with an antibacterial silver ion fabric, these masks kill 99% of bacteria and can be washed for reuse. The masks are also water repellent, which may be handy if storm Francis continues to take its toll on the UK. Regardless, a waterproof mask will always come in handy when living in the UK.

To save money, Pacamask are also offering a deal where for 3 masks the individual mask price is reduced considerably, and for 6 masks, even more so. Click here to view this.

Slogan Face Masks

slogan masks

If you want to showcase your funny side, slogan masks are great! These are some of our favourite. From simple phrases, to THAT iconic Mean Girls quote and also reality star Gemma Collin’s famous words, there are so many available.

The above masks are available purchase here:

A Pizza Oven

pizza oven

During lockdown many people enjoyed trying new recipes and making their own food from scratch. So, if you’re spending the weekend at home this bank holiday, why not make your own pizzas the authentic way with a pizza oven?

The Ooni Karu Outdoor Pizza Oven which comes with an included baking stone, is one of the best pizza ovens on the UK market. Available for £249.00 from Lakeland, the oven is powered by either wood or charcoal and is ready to go within 15 minutes. Click here to view more.

Alternatively, if you don’t have any outdoor shelter from the bed weather, why not get a mini indoor pizza oven? The Pizzaiolo Smart Oven from Sage Appliances is the world’s first ever domestic benchtop oven capable of reaching 400C and cooking a Neapolitan style pizza within two minutes. Get yours here.

Fruity Flavoured Gin

To top off your bank holiday weekend, a refreshing glass of gin and tonic/lemonade is definitely called for. For years now, brands have been jumping on the gin hype in order to bring out the most unique flavours, so from the several there is, we have chosen three of our favourites. 

Pear Drop Gin (40% vol)

A sweet and refreshing gin, this taste great paired with lemonade and lots of ice. However, it doesn’t just taste good, it also looks amazing and is guaranteed to impress any guests. The gin is two-toned as it’s pink and glittery gold, which means when it’s shaken, you get a beautiful shimmery drink.

Purchase on Asda online or from your local store.

Tanqueray Sevilla Gin (41.3%)

A classic citrus flavour, this orange gin is guaranteed to be loved by everyone. Great paired with either tonic or lemonade, the gin isn’t too sweet but provides a lovely refreshing drinking experience. Available at most supermarkets, buy online for a discounted price from Waitrose.

Gordon’s White Peach Gin (37.5% vol)

Perfect with tonic or lemonade, this is a subtle gin with sweet notes of white peach balanced with the classic taste of Gordon’s gin. This is available at most UK supermarkets and can also be purchased online.

However, you end up spending your summer bank holiday, we hope you have a great one! Even if the weather is disappointing you can still cook an indoor pizza or enjoy a tipple or two.

All images within the article are are credited to each website they are linked to throughout the article.