Ring Ceremony

Your wedding is a day that you won’t forget for the rest of your life. If you plan it correctly, then each time that you think about it a smile will be brought to your face. Because weddings are so important, they need to be planned meticulously. Naturally because of their importance, planning a wedding can also be very difficult. It’s especially difficult to plan a wedding if you haven’t ever had any involvement in organizing one before.

This post will tell you everything that you need to do so that you can make your wedding as incredible (and memorable) as possible.


Purchasing Outfits

For your wedding, you need to look your best. Most people just wear simple navy suits to their wedding. Because of this, it’s hard to tell one wedding from another when you are looking through a person’s photo album. If you want to stand out at your wedding and make it more memorable, then wear something eccentric like a blue tuxedo or even a black one (although it’s generally not advised to wear black to a wedding).  You also need to make sure that everybody else in attendance who is of significance at the wedding looks their best, too. You could ask your best man and other friends to wear a similar colored suit to yours so that you match. Your wife is probably planning her own outfit (and her friend’s outfits), so speak to her and work together so everybody can match.


Selecting Venue

Your wedding venue is something else that you need to give consideration to. Many people overlook the importance of their wedding venue, choosing small local halls. If you can, then book your wedding in the most extravagant venue that you can. As mentioned in this post’s introduction, your wedding is a day that you will remember for the rest of your life, so make it memorable for all the right reasons. 

An extravagant wedding venue will be something that you and your family won’t ever forget. It will also be very hard for your friends to outdo you when they plan their weddings.


Activity Program

After the ceremony, there is usually food, drinks, and sometimes dancing. Plan out your post-ceremony activities. If it is possible for you to do so, then try to plan something that’s a little unusual, like a breakdancing competition (or something unusual like that). People usually hate going to weddings not because of the ceremony itself, but because of the boredom that inevitably accompanies sitting around, waiting for food, and watching people dance. Plan out activities carefully and think about what your guests might enjoy.


Meal Catering

Food is essential at a wedding. You will need to feed your guests. If you don’t then they will leave in search of food at some point. Catering a wedding can be very expensive, so there are a few things that you can do to cut down on the amount that you have to pay. One thing is to hire a take-out restaurant to cater rather than a professional caterer and another is to ask a friend or loved one to cater for you. 

You can only ask a loved one to cater if it is a small wedding, otherwise, it will be impossible for them to do. If money isn’t an issue then you could pay various street food vendors to come in and cater for you.


Wedding Guestlist

Your wedding’s guest list is something that needs to be carefully thought out. You need to work with your future spouse to plan out your guest list because it should be a list that has both your friends and family and your partner’s. Working out your wedding’s guest list together will be a lot easier than doing it alone, mainly because if you do it alone there’s always the risk that you could invite somebody who your partner doesn’t want to be there.


Religious Ceremony

Lastly, if you and your partner are not especially religious, then do not feel as though you have to have a religious ceremony at your wedding, even for your family’s sake. A lot of people have religious ceremonies despite being atheists, purely to please their families. This isn’t something that you should do. Your wedding is your special day and should not be corrupted by another person’s religious belief. If your partner is religious and you are not, then you may want to consider having a religious ceremony nonetheless, as it is their special day too.


It’s not easy planning a wedding, which is why you should take this post’s advice and implement the steps outlined here into your planning process. Before making any decisions about your wedding, make sure that you discuss them with your partner first. It is a day you will share together, so it should be planned as such.