Croatia has become a hit with travellers over the past few years. Croatia is known for its appearance in the HBO series, Game of Thrones and its breath-taking landscapes. You can also enjoy the sun, sea and sand along with delicious local cuisine and wineries. Croatia is the perfect location for your next holiday. You could even join a Croatia tour group so you can sit back, relax and have everything arranged for your holiday.

Some experiences can only be found in Croatia – here are just a few.


Enjoy a quality meal at the Kornat restaurant in Zadar

If food is your passion, why not splurge at one of Zadar’s finest restaurants? You enjoy a view of the harbour from a covered terrace and indulge in fresh local dishes. Kornat offers a selection of Croatian delicacies, French sauces and little Italian. Of course, their local seafood is highly regarded and a must for any new visitors.


Visit the vineyards of Primosten

Visit the Adriatic coast and find a small town named Primosten, built on a hill. The town features traditional stone houses with narrow winding streets – like many traditional Mediterranean locations. Take a few magical Instagram shots in the lanes or head to the local vineyards.

Primosten is known for its vines, olives and fishing. The local vineyards, which are made up of dry-stone walls, vines and sea, are famous worldwide. Try the local wines and learn about the rich culture behind them.


Watch the sunset on a private speed boat across the shoreline of Zadar 

Everyone loves a sunset on holiday. Zadar has some of the most beautiful sunsets in Europe and is the perfect backdrop to a romantic proposal. Zadar is known for its rectangular shape and mix of old and new architecture. You can catch a speedboat across the shoreline to escape the crowds watching the sunset in the evening.


Blue and green cave boat tour in Vis

Vis is one of the few Mediterranean Islands that has escaped mass tourism. You can visit some of the most stunning beaches in the world and wonder through the history of the streets. The Blue and Green Caves are a must-see for adventure-seekers. You can watch the sunlight refract from the sea bottom creating wonderful blue and green projections on the walls.


Swim and explore the Odyssey Cave in Mljet

Croatia is the best destination to see natural caves. If you want to bypass the popular tourist sites, Mljet is the place for you. Visit the Odyssey Cave around midday to see the sunlight projected into all the cracks and walls of the cave. The Odyssey Cave is often less busy than the blue and green cave boat tours.

Croatia has a little something for everyone. Catch a Game of Thrones tour around the city or marvel at the colourful caves from the sea.