Located in Italy, All American Diner is not just a restaurant where customers go to taste real cuisine made in the USA, but offers a variety of events such as Rock’n’Roll music concerts and classic car shows of the most classic American production. We profile the venue, exploring its food and drink options alongside its events and promotions. 

Based in Milan, All American Diner offers its customers excellent fixed price menus which are ideal for guests who want to enjoy real American cuisine at prices that are more than reasonable. The restaurant offers a varied choice of menu options to satisfy all tastes.

With customers from all over the world visiting the diner, they are attracted by the location which evokes the 1950’s, and they leave having been impressed by the quality and freshness of the food on offer. A family firm, husband and wife team Daniele Fioschi and Barbara Termine combine their expertise to provide a fascinating setting and stunning food. Daniele has been in the food industry for over thirty years, and Barbara is an architect; thus, all the elements are designed by her in every detail, with custom-designed furniture and sofas, paintings, logo and menus.

Alongside its settings and exquisite design, the diner attracts guests of all ages and social groups, whether it be a romantic dinner date or a business lunch. The team at All American Diner are very careful about the quality of the product that they produce, preferring to marginalise profit and guaranteeing an excellent product at the right price, with only the best food and beverages being served. Preserving local products, the team produce small and artisan local dishes all of the highest quality.

As part of its excellent service, the team at All American Diner ensures that the highest standards of health and safety are observed at all times, respecting both national and international standards to the highest quality,  collaborating with the main Italian institutions and research and development centres.

Furthermore, staff are always prepared, meaning they give only the best possible service they can, collaborating with management on every choice as they participate in daily meetings. It is the togetherness of staff and quality of customer service throughout the diner, alongside its various events and quality of food and drink which enables All American Diner to stand out in the food and drink industry. With comfort food, a pleasant environment where guests eat well and spend a happy evening, a clear brand which is captivating and smart, All American establishes itself as a fantastic venue. Additionally, the team believe that a well-defined target helps in market positioning.

Internally, there is an ability to intercept the change of taste, keeping the comparison with tradition, which is vital for the diner. Adapting its food to stand out, the hamburger is a quality hamburger, fresh and packaged with local products. People today are very attentive to what they eat, are informed and the team of Barbara and Daniele comply with this knowledge to provide the best food and services. All American Diner explains its products, where they come from, what they contain and always try to embrace and introduce them to respective customers.

Overall, All American Diner restaurant offers a fusion mix between the varied and prestigious Italian culinary culture, with the modernity and avant-garde of New York cuisine. The venue is perfect for those those who live in Milan, and want to savour some American dishes and rediscover the classic Italian recipes. The diner also can boast a unique location. Ultimately, it is a great idea for anyone who wants to spend a few hours in friendly company and enjoy unique taste and style.

Company: All American Diner 

Address: Via G.B Cassinis, Milano, 20139, Italy 

Phone: 347 3729418 

Website: www.allamericandiner.it