giggs and bell

Experts Estate Agents in Luton and the Surrounding Areas

Harnessing half a century of expertise in the Bedfordshire property market, Giggs & Bell – based in Luton – have become one of the region’s leading experts, thriving through an ability to exceed their client’s expectations at every turn. They absolutely understand that every property transaction is about relationships so always take time to get to know and understand clients and buyers alike. Following the firm’s success in the 2019 UK Property Awards, we took a closer look at Giggs & Bell to find out more about their services and history.

“We Put You First.”
It might not be the most original thing to say that the very best estate agents put the client at the very centre of their services. After all, the client is the fundamental element throughout the process, setting the pace. Yet, it would be fair to say that Giggs & Bell have internalised a strong clientcentric ethos to help distinguish themselves from countless competitors. Perhaps surprisingly, people, not properties , are where the company’s focus lies. 

In this way, Giggs & Bell represents the union of two experts who believe in the strength of their experience and understand, intrinsically, what a client wants from the entire experience. More than anything, clients appreciate a seamlessness, an ease, that can only be achieved from a knowledgeable estate agent that knows the area, how to navigate potentially challenges and move on opportunities as they appear. Whilst many agents across the UK can claim to meet this criteria, Giggs & Bell have attained numerous client testimonials that speak volumes about their ability to meet – and exceed- the most discerning of expectations. 

“We care about why you are selling your home, what made you buy the property and what value you need to achieve. We will work with you to sell your home
and will always deliver clear communication and excellent service.”- Matt Giggs, Estate Agent and Co-Founder

Moreover, working out of Luton, the firm has capitalised on an envious location that offers both urban cityscape and idyllic rural countryside, catering to a wide variety of clients. For the firm, this has offered a certain flexibility, with a portfolio that hops from new builds, and rustic escapes, to chic apartments and the perfect family homes. 

“We love the areas we work in, we appreciate the people we work for and we are experienced, knowledgeable estate agents with the highest principles,” – Derrick Bell

All in all, this estate agent has moved from strength to strength, growing rapidly over the last three years to become one of the area’s premier experts. No small achievement at all. Their commitment to people above everything else is clear to see, from a dedication to clear communication to a drive to help their client’s realise their dream home.