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Investing in your personal style doesn’t get more important than picking the right frames for your prescriptions specs. Typically an everyday accessory, it’s important to know how to look for the right frames for your face so that your investment stands the test of time.

Optical Revolution have addressed the intersection of skin tone and personal style, by providing key tips on picking the right frames. How to Pick the Perfect Pair for your Skin Tone:

Cool Undertones

If your skin has pink, red, or bluish undertones, you have a cool skin tone. Stick with pink and green, as well as purples and reds that have pink tones to them, like a raspberry red statement pair of frames. If your skin is cool and fair, you can take it a step further by exploring cooler shades of blue for the right amount of contrast. If your skin is darker but still cool, a deep navy or earthier green hues are the perfect way to enhance your complexion. Warm colours can generally create a harsh contrast with your complexion, so we’d recommend avoiding these tones.

Best bet: Pinks and purples

Steer clear: Yellow, orange, and gold

Specs icon: Amanda Seyfried

Warm Undertones

If you have a warm undertone, your colour palette will be the exact opposite of your cool undertone friends. Yellow, gold, and peach hues look great against your skin. If your skin is fair, create contrast with Autumnal inspired frame colours like rust, dark orange, dark green, or some classic brown tortoiseshell. If you have a medium complexion, you can venture into darker shades of brown, gold, copper and olive green – these will all help give you a radiant appearance. Whilst in contrast, darker skin suits warm pastel shades, like peach.

Best bet: Orange, gold, browns

Steer clear: Blue, silver, and other cool tones

Specs icon: Jessica Alba


If you’re lucky enough to have neutral undertones, you can pull off a wide range of frame colours. Cool and warm colour palettes – the choice is yours. We recommend experimenting in store with a range of colours to see what compliments you best and feels most comfortable, because despite your skin tones versatility, it still deserves to be emphasised.

Best bet: Warm or cool is good for you

Steer clear: Neutrals, but even then they will look great.

Specs icon: Selena Gomez

“With eyewear spending up 88% in the last 10 years, gone are the days of settling for a simple pair of frames,” says Masa Doi, Commercial & Retail Director at Optical Revolution

“Today, prescription glasses are as much of a fashion statement as a new pair of shoes. And an opportunity to truly express yourself in a bold way. But to withstand the test of changing fashion tides, picking a frame according to your own unique features is key to maintaining a timeless look.”