Classic, elegant, and timeless all describe jewelry artists that became famous and well-known for their work. Many famous jewelry artists started with a humble beginning and then worked their way up to fame. They made their name by embodying the passions of men and women in their jewelry creation. People who love high quality and designer jewelry typically buy from these brands because of their design popularity. Below we are going to list the top jewelry designers who have transcended the decades and kept up with their promise to provide unique designs for men and women around the world. Additionally, we will hit on some of their unique pieces that are worth collecting!



If you are unfamiliar, Christian Dior is a French luxury goods company that began designing jewelry in the 1950s and named after their founding designer. They carry other luxury goods and are known to compliment those pieces with their jewelry. Typically bold and glamorous. They put a feminine spin on traditional masculine items. One of the most famous pieces from Dior is their rose-themed gemstone jewelry. It is designed after Christian Dior’s favorite flower. Some sources say that the Christian Dior brand is now valued at nearly $12 billion.



Bulgari is a luxury Italian brand most well known for their jewelry, hotels, fragrance, and watches; in early 2021 they were valued at roughly 7.5 billion Euros. As the company grew in the 20th century, it became a brand known for its gold links and heavy steel. They are also traditionally famous for their colored gems and diamonds. It was originally founded in 1881, so it has been around for some time. The most iconic and unique collector’s piece from Bulgari is the collection of watches and jewels made in the shape of a coiling snake–named the Serpenti. Elizabeth Taylor had one of these Serpenti pieces custom made for her.



Richemont, the Swiss company that owns the Cartier Brand as well as others like Montblanc and Jaeger-LeCoultre, is valued at $11.83 billion. Let’s take a trip back in time to 1847, when Cartier was founded by a French designer named Louis-Francois Cartier. The company they founded continued to grow rapidly in the next century, with locations across the world and a headquarters in Paris. Cartier estate jewelry is classic with designs that contain expensive gemstones and precious metals. Most people have heard of Cartier, as it is one of the most classic and popular jewelry designers ever.  Today, Cartier may be best known for its Panthere brooch, first designed in 1914. It’s been a regular part of their design ever since, and new Panthere pieces are produced every year. This famous “panther” design will signify you are wearing Cartier.



Mikimoto is a luxury pearl jewel company whose annual revenue is around $16 million. Mikimoto Kokichi is credited with making the first cultured pearl. It’s first store opened in Tokyo in 1899 and expanded to London, Paris, and other major cities.   


Obviously, the unique piece that you’ll want to purchase here is anything pearl. They are known for their exquisite pearls and elegant, simple design. Although, they do make more elaborate jewelry as well if you aren’t into something simple!



Piaget, like Cartier above, is another Swiss-owned jewelry brand. This brand first became famous for watch designs that featured gemstones. Later, they evolved to create jewelry as well that also featured these elaborate gemstone and diamond pieces. It was founded by Georges Piaget back in 1874. Celebrities wear Piaget and it has been seen on the red carpet multiple times. Since Piaget is one of the most prestigious jewelry companies in the world, any jewelry item you purchase will be unique and breathtaking. However, if you’d like a traditional piece, you could look into one of their gemstone watch pieces for a collector item.



Laurence Graff, the founder of yet another company valued in the billions, has a more unique story as he began his design career when he was 15 years old and then apprenticed to a professional jeweler. In 1960 he founded his company and began strengthening his business by creating multiple stores in London. He is known for buying and resetting famous diamonds. In general he creates brilliant diamond designs in his work. Therefore, with so much talk of diamonds, you have to get your hands on one of Groff’s diamonds. We recommend an elaborate ring purchase that features the unique and precise work that Groff is known for.