Set on over 7,000 square metres of tranquil tropical land in Bali, Indonesia, The Place – which was founded by renowned psychotherapist Jean-Claude Chalmet in 2015 – facilitates immersive healing experiences unlike any other destination in the world. More than a health centre, retreat, or resort, it is a sanctuary for the mind, body, soul, and spirit, with a distinct focus on nourishing the whole being. Recognised as our Luxury Psychotherapeutic Retreat of the Year 2024 – Southeast Asia, we delve into learning more about the haven that is The Place.

The Place’s unique philosophy is based on Jean-Claude’s firm belief in the fundamental links between our mental, physical, and spiritual health. Immersions in an Indian ashram as a young man, successful careers on Wall Street and in philanthropy, and many years of practice in the fields of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy have all contributed to his comprehensive and compassionate understanding of the life experience. Prior to living in Bali, Jean-Claude explored this realm deeply through his practices in Athens and London, guiding hundreds of clients back to themselves via the mediums of therapy, personal development, and life enrichment.

So, The Place emerged from a sincere devotion to serving others – and this intention flows through every aspect of its ethos. From the moment you pass through the front gate, you are invited to exhale. Balinese stone carvings with gentle complexions silently welcome you in – flowers and incense honouring them as the guardians of the space. The sounds of trickling water and tuneful birdsong sweeten the airwaves, and lush pockets of greenery call you to ground and truly connect with the peacefulness of the surroundings.

Comfort is recognised as a vital aspect of inner work at The Place. Medical care and 24-hour professional nursing is available to anybody requiring extra health support and friendly staff are on call to assist you throughout your stay, allowing you to remove your mask and truly unwind. Around the property itself, touches of old Europe and Asia are blended with all the necessary modern touches to create a safe and inspiring environment conducive to deep relaxation. There are 15 individually accented guest rooms, six treatment rooms, four sparkling swimming pools, two yoga shalas, large communal areas, an on-site medical clinic, lush gardens, and many quiet pockets for contemplation. Within each space, mindfully appointed furnishings, antiques, and art pieces come together to form an overall feeling of warmth and luxury – a refuge from external pressures, distractions, and stress. The spirit of Bali, too, is woven throughout the guest experience, its wisdom subtly infused into each individual journey.

While certain boundaries (no alcohol, cigarettes, and illicit substances are permitted on-site) are set in place to help guests transition into healthier, more balanced lifestyles, The Place concentrates on nourishment more than restriction. Fresh, flavourful meals made with consciously sourced produce are prepared daily by the in-house culinary team. And there’s an abundance of food and beverage offerings to choose from, always prepared to suit your personal dietary requirements.

Personalisation across the full spectrum of the healing experience, in fact, plays a significant role in the rhythm of The Place. There are no one-size-fits-all packages – every detail, rather, is tailored to match the unique expression of every guest. So, you might choose to come alone or visit with your partner or family to enhance the quality of your relationships. You could stay for a week, a month, or longer, spending all of your time within the property or taking occasional trips to other parts of the island. Maybe you’d like to focus on therapy and remedial work; perhaps high intensity exercise is essential to your sense of wellbeing. Whatever it is that your mind, body, and spirit are calling for, Jean-Claude and his team are ready to craft the most beneficial and inspiring stay possible.

A truly bespoke retreat calls for a broad range of offerings, which The Place proudly provides. Psychotherapy sessions – led by qualified and highly-regarded practitioners – form the foundation of every programme. An in-house psychiatrist also helps facilitate your journey, with additional support from a board of external psychiatrists, Doctor of Counselling Psychology, a general practitioner, and a holistic-psychiatric nurse. Outside therapy, guests can choose from more than 15 different alternative modalities and fitness activities spanning yoga, qi gong, Japanese acupuncture, development coaching, nutrition and wellness consultations, breathwork, boxing, and more. Soothing remedial treatments such as Esalen bodywork and Balinese massage are included in every programme, as well as energy work, meditation, and a bespoke IV session upon arrival. When all of these elements are combined with care, the results are life-changing and, most importantly, sustainable.

At The Place, you can be assured that your wellbeing takes priority, and your needs are met with respect and understanding. You will be held, nurtured, and guided with the utmost level of compassion, returning home with a powerful understanding of who you really are.

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