Five tips for buying your engagement ring in 2019

Getting engaged should be one of the most romantic and exciting times in a person’s life

However, it can be stressful for people who don’t know where to start when it comes to picking an engagement ring.

Here are my five top tips for buying your partner’s engagement ring in 2019:

  1. Find a reputable jeweller you can trust

There are thousands of resources, links, guides and tutorials available today to help you learn about diamonds and engagement rings. But who has time to research all that? Chances are you’ll still fail to pick up on some important details. Even worse, you might wind up purchasing an underwhelming choice.

A much more efficient option is to seek out an expert jeweller to advise you. Ask your friends or relatives to introduce you to a good jeweller who can spend a few minutes with you in their store.

With a professional jeweller advising you, you’ll save hours of time and learn much more than you could on your own. More importantly, you will likely end up with a far superior choice.

Ask as many questions as you can about topics like the shape you should pick for the main stone, the metal type for the mounting, gemmological reports that accompany the gemstones and after sales service. You might learn about new styles, designs and gemstones, altering your preferences altogether.

Trust me, you’ll enjoy the discussion and will gain a much better understanding of what you are buying.

  1. Share your budget

Many people choose not to disclose their budget because they’re afraid it will prevent them from getting a good deal. However, if you followed tip number one, you have nothing to worry about.

Openly sharing your budget can help you save time by focusing on options that you and your partner will truly love.

Tell your jeweller what you think you’d like to spend or can afford. Your jeweller should be able to give you a few options and explain the merits of each choice.

  1. Keep things simple

If you are thinking of making a surprise proposal, I recommend focusing on classic options that tend to appeal to the widest number of people. You ultimately want your partner to be comfortable wearing the ring. For this reason, you may wish to avoid designs that are highly decorative and elaborate.

An elegant option I would recommend is a
solitaire ring set with a ‘round brilliant’ diamond and mounted in 18k gold. You can opt for a plain gold band or add details like a pavé setting if you wish to enrich the ring and give it more sparkle.

Round brilliant diamonds are the most popular shape because they flatter almost any finger and hand size. Moreover, this shape offers the most brilliance and sparkle because the facets are cut and optimised for maximum scintillation. They create more beautiful, eye-catching reflections of light than any other shape.

All other shape is known as a ‘fancy’ shape. While every shape has its unique qualities and advantages, it often comes down to personal preference. Your partner should ideally try on ring set with a fancy shape diamond and decide for themselves if they like the way they look.

If you’re going to shop with your partner, try on some fancy shapes and see what they like best.

The same applies if you’re considering other precious gemstones instead of a diamond. Emeralds, sapphires and rubies are popular alternatives, but diamonds are still the most demanded centrepiece for engagement rings.

Unless you know for sure your partner expects something other than a diamond, my advice is to stick to diamonds.

  1. Never sacrifice craftsmanship quality

There are numerous details that separate an immaculately well-crafted ring from a mediocre one. A superior ring will flatter the centre stone and be as remarkable as the stones it holds.

When choosing your jeweller, ask them about their craftsmanship credentials. Scrutinize the rings in their store and ask them about the design details you are most curious about. If you like what you hear, you’re on your way to getting a great ring.

  1. It’s all about personality

The more the ring appeals to your partner, the more they will cherish it and love wearing it. That’s why there is no perfect shape or ring style: the perfect choice is the one that most reflects your partner’s unique character and personality.

Open up to your jeweller about your partner so they can guide you through all the details you can consider to customise your ring to your wonderful partner!

Concluding Thoughts
There is no greater pleasure for a jeweller than crafting a piece that makes its recipient light up with an unparalleled joy. We live for helping you realise these moments and we are well aware of the perfection required to help mark your special occasions. The more information you give us the better a chance we have of achieving it with you.

Ali Jahan is a Managing Director at Jahan Jewellery. The family-owned and operated brand is based in Geneva, Switzerland, and has stores in London, Geneva, Riyadh and Jeddah.