LUXlife Staff Writer Hannah Stevenson has travelled the world with just a 25-litre backpack, and still managed to impress CEOs, Business Leaders and fellow journalists alike with her outfits. She explains how she does it and why it has made her life so much easier. 

Having travelled across the globe on press trips, holidays and exercises to free myself of wanderlust, over the years I’ve come to appreciate the simple joy of carrying just hand luggage.

After all, whilst some situations demand more gear, generally speaking it’s great to be able to simply hop on and off the plane without worrying about losing your bags or where you’re going to store them.

However, whilst I love travelling light, I am also a big fan of looking my best. There’s nothing worse than turning up to see someone you’ve travelled the world to meet only to look like you’ve just rolled out of bed! So here are my top five tips for looking your best whilst packing the least.

  1. Get A Good Bag: Make sure you buy yourself a sturdy, reliable bag that can easily fit in with your airline’s carry-on luggage requirements, whilst also having enough pockets and internal space to fit your belongings. Remember, you’ll have to carry it too, so choose something easy to handle, like a backpack or a satchel. Sherpa Adventure Gear offer strong yet stylish bags in all shapes and sizes. Also, the firm is committed to providing quality products which give back to the community in which they are made. For every item sold by the firm, a donation is made to the Sherpa Adventure Gear Fund, which is dedicated to helping provide a brighter future for the children of Nepal through education.

  1. Invest In Multi-Purpose Cosmetics: With airline security restrictions on liquids and the issue of the space containers take up, packing beauty products is always a tough one. Choose wisely, and make sure your products are all vital and serve more than one purpose. Whilst shampoo, body wash and conditioner can all usually be found in hotels, or purchased upon arrival, items such as makeup should serve a dual purpose, or might not be needed. For example, in hotter climes, a foundation will slide off even the driest of skin: try just using setting powder for a put-together look that will last. Cult favourite Charlotte Tilbury offers a great pressed powder compact offering an airbrushed finish and a handy mirror, making it ideal for mid-flight touch-ups.

  1. Wrap Any Fragile Items In Your Clothes: If you want to take a games console to keep yourself entertained, or a pot of face cream you simply can’t live without, then make sure you wrap it carefully in some sturdy items of clothing. For example, thick jumpers are often a great one for keeping your precious belongings safe, and even most warmer countries get cold at night, so you’ll always need one wherever you go.

  1. Treat Yourself To Some Space Savers: Whilst most of the time, I pack my everyday essentials, I do own some things specifically for travelling. Collapsible water bottles such as this one, stackable lunch containers and multi-purpose tools are all great gadgets that take up minimal space but always get used.

  1. Plan Ahead: I cannot stress this enough! Make sure you know where you’re going and what you’ll be doing when you get there, then pack around your itinerary. Any bulky items, such as coats or boots can be worn onto the plane to save on space. Choosing classic garments that will fit with anything is a great way to ensure that you always have a respectable outfit whilst minimising the number of clothes you have to pack.