Renowned for its art and architecture, Florence is also considered one of Italy’s top culinary destinations. The city’s restaurants showcase Tuscan cuisine at its finest – dishes that highlight local, seasonal ingredients like olive oil, truffles, and Chianina beef. Beyond the white tablecloth establishments, Florence brims with traditional food culture just waiting to be discovered on culinary getaways. Food tours offer an incredible way for visitors to dive into the authentic flavors of this city. Guiding you away from the typical tourist traps, these tours take you out into quintessential Florentine neighborhoods and food markets. You’ll try cheeses, cured meats, sandwiches, wines, and more while learning directly from shop owners and chefs. Food tours transform a standard vacation into an immersive culinary adventure, providing a delicious education about Florence’s storied food heritage. It’s the perfect activity for foodies seeking to fully savor the tastes of this magical city. 

Mercato Centrale Food Tour

No Florence cooking tour would be complete without a visit to the city’s sprawling indoor food market, Mercato Centrale. Opened in 1874, this two-story market hall houses over 60 vendors selling everything from fruits and vegetables to meats, cheeses, and freshly prepared food. Venturing into Mercato Centrale provides a thrilling glimpse into Florence’s vibrant food scene. On a market tour, you’ll weave through the stalls sampling regional delicacies like lampredotto sandwiches, trippa alla Fiorentina (tripe), baccalà (salt cod), and finocchiona salami. The enthusiastic vendors are more than happy to explain the history behind each item as you taste it. Don’t miss the mozzarella counter, where you can watch the cheese being hand-stretched just moments before eating it. At the seafood stalls, you’ll find vendors frying up crunchy fritto misto fried seafood snacks. Upstairs in the food court, chefs freshly prepare pasta, veggie dishes, sandwiches, and other Florentine specialties.

The experience of seeing generations-old family businesses continuing time-honored culinary traditions makes Mercato Centrale a highlight of any florence cooking tour. As you bite into memorably flavorful dishes like ribollita bread soup or bistecca alla fiorentina steak, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for Florence’s prized regional ingredients and recipes. With its bustling yet welcoming vibe, Mercato Centrale offers a quintessential local perspective on Florence’s food landscape. Wandering the market’s aisles and chatting with vendors provides an immersion into everyday Florentine food culture, unlike any restaurant meal.

Wine and Aperitivo Tour

No visit to Florence is complete without partaking in the beloved Italian tradition of aperitivo – enjoying an aperitif drink alongside small plates or snacks in the late afternoon. The perfect activity for unwinding after a long day of sightseeing, a wine and aperitivo tour takes you to the city’s top spots for aperitivo hour. You’ll visit cozy enoteche (wine bars) and lively cafés where expert guides will explain the culture around Italian aperitifs. Sip on wines like Chianti Classico and Vernaccia di San Gimignano while sampling classic bruschetta, salumi and cheese boards, and crostini paired expertly with each wine. Food and wine tours in Italy immerse you in local flavors and provide a quintessential Italian experience.

Must-visit stops on any Florence aperitivo tour include Le Volpi e l’Uva, famous for its extensive by-the-glass wine selection and plates of crostini; Amblè, known for delicious vegetarian options like stuffed fried olives; and La Terrazza at the Continentale Hotel, whose rooftop perch offers unmatched views of the Duomo at sunset. In addition to wines, you’ll taste seasonal cocktails like the bitter yet refreshing Negroni or the sparkling Aperol Spritz. By the end of the night, you’ll have soaked in the leisurely Florentine tradition of chatting with friends or people-watching during aperitivo hour, all while getting expert guidance on Italian wines and pairings. An aperitivo tour delivers an immersion into local nightlife and cuisine while revealing Florence’s top wine bars only known to insiders. With an experienced guide leading the way, you’ll return home not only fuller from tasting Florence’s flavors but enriched with the understanding of an iconic Italian tradition.

Walking Tour of Artisan Food Shops

Embark on a mouthwatering tour of Sorrento’s incredible artisan food shops to taste the area’s beloved regional specialties. This walking tour visits small, family-owned stores and markets across the city, each with generations of history perfecting traditional Campanian cuisine. Stop at beloved spots like Salumeria Ercolano for sampling local salami and prosciutto, Pasticceria Primavera for sweet sfogliatelle pastries, and La Cantina di Triunfo for tasting limoncello and other liqueurs made onsite. As you meet passionate food artisans carrying on family legacies, you’ll gain insight into Sorrento’s rich gastronomic traditions. Don’t miss the mozzarella counter at Caseificio Fiordilatte to watch the fresh cheese being hand-stretched just for you. The specialty seafood shops are also a highlight, where you can try octopus salads, anchovies, and more. With knowledgeable local guides leading the way, this tour provides a delicious education in the incredible regional flavors and family recipes of Sorrento. You’ll leave with full bellies and a new appreciation for the town’s long-standing food culture. 


Food tours are a delicious way to experience Florence’s incredible food scene. These tours go beyond the typical tourist attractions to authentic eateries and markets, providing a taste of real Florentine flavors and culture. From sampling fresh pasta to savoring Chianti wines, the tours immerse you in the region’s culinary traditions. If you want an authentic experience of Florence’s fabulous food, be sure to check out a mouthwatering food tour on your next trip. Food tours in Sorrento also provide a wonderful way to experience the area’s renowned cuisine and local flavors. You’ll enjoy a memorable taste of this amazing city.