For those who have watched Attenborough’s explorations in awe, now’s the time to follow in his footsteps and shun the shores of the Mediterranean for the mystical islands of Indonesia. There is no better way to explore the 17,000 islands that make up this archipelago, than onboard the 51 metres Dunia Baru. This spectacular vessel, which was handcrafted from teak and ironwood over eight years is the perfect way to explore the spectacular scenery of one of the most beautiful parts of the world.

Very few remote parts of the planet remain, but a charter with Dunia Baru will enable guests to travel the Anderman Sea and explore islands that have rarely been visited by foreigners. For those seeking a sense of adventure, the steep climb of volcanic islands awaits, whilst the pristine white sand beaches call those wanting a more peaceful place to unwind. From snorkelling, kayaking, sailing and of course diving, the incredible marine world awaits, or simply sit on board and watch as the landscape passes you by, from the dramatic mountain peaks that rise from crystal waters; dolphins that swim alongside the bow; secluded coralfringed coves and bays of water crystal clear and blue. 

After a day exploring which may include watching locals create medicines from the local flora or weaving cloth that’s been created using traditional techniques handed down through generations, guests can retire to the laid-back luxury of the Dunia Baru. Beautiful sunsets followed by panoramic skies lit by stars are the every day closing curtain to a special day on board.

Unlike many vessels of its size, Dunia Baru has a conscience and is a superyacht on a mission to advance the environmental awareness, understanding and, in turn, conservation of her cruising grounds. Everything – from the hull to the bar stools to the door hinges – was handcrafted from wood sourced from Borneo and created by Indonesia’s finest boat builders. While no expense has been spared in ensuring that Dunia Baru is an ultra-luxury vessel, she still feels organic; entirely connected to her surroundings. Featuring six en-suite cabins, and all the modern features of a five-star hotel, Dunia Baru is the epitome of luxury and service.

Dunia Baru’s owner, Mark Robba, is so passionate about the protection of the natural wonders of this this part of the world that he has created a learning centre in Raja Ampat, one of the richest and most diverse marine ecosystems on the planet. The project has been developed using local builders and materials with an emphasis on sustainability. Robba was adamant that the centre had to be built with principles of sustainability and using local labour and building practices, to highlight the local culture, skills and materials. The learning centre is a place of education within the community, with a well-stocked library and multi-use meeting/teaching space. 

While the environment, conservation and the importance of preserving the unique local habits for the future of Raja Ampat will be taught, it will also be a place where other skills can be learned, for example cooking and how to bring the standard of meals and food preparation to a higher level for small homestays owned and operated by local families. Robba hopes that future visitors captivated by the beauty of the islands will assist in the development of other learning centres to ensure that knowledge is shared and passed down to future generations to guarantee the safety and existence of the marine ecosystems. 

This year, there is no better way to follow in the footsteps of one of the world’s greatest naturalists by stepping onboard Dunia Baru for the adventure of a lifetime.
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