The My Baker team infront of a pink backdrop

Offering a unique take on the baking industry, My Baker consistently demonstrates why it is deserving of LUXlife’s ‘Food Innovator of the Year 2021’ award. Rapidly expanding across the U.K., My Baker works with a network of independent artisanal bakers to bake and deliver an array of pre-designed and bespoke goods. With cakes and bakes for every occasion, they promise to provide nothing short of luxury.

Mel and Mark Sinjakli, the husband-and-wife team behind My Baker, purchased the company at the height of the 2020 lockdown. Baking runs through the heart of the young enterprise, benefitting from Mel’s perspective as a self-taught baker and previous experience working as a supplier to My Baker. Mark, however, is a qualified chartered accountant with a hard-earned reputation for success under his belt. Together they aimed to take My Baker to a national level and rise above and beyond the limitations of the industry. Adding to the team, Shane Simpson offered his talents, influencing the company’s branding and marketing. The close-knit team have worked together to make the fledgling business take flight, and ultimately achieve their goal of expanding out of the major cities.

Creating their own baking community, they provide confirmed orders to independent bakers which run alongside the baker’s own income. With a deep understanding of the baking profession and a focus on the bakers themselves, My Baker has built a growing network of over 200 bakers, and consistently gains 10-20 new bakers a month. The highly talented, fully vetted bakers are based nationwide, providing high-quality cakes to cities, towns, and villages across the U.K. My Baker believes that whilst growth is important ¬– quality is essential. They keep in close contact with their bakers and value them as partners. It is this friendly nature that makes My Baker so appealing to potential suppliers, as they will be greeted with a business that prioritizes their needs and will be introduced to like-minded people.

My Baker’s aim is to generate orders for discerning customers and have them fulfilled by their skilled bakers. Focusing on quality in every aspect of their business, My Baker’s innovative online shop and countrywide reach makes the ordering process simple. With a few clicks, clients can choose from a plethora of luxury cakes that are pre-designed for a variety of occasions. However, My Baker’s most intriguing and eye-catching feature, is their ability to provide bespoke designs. Whether it’s three dimensional sculpted cakes or edible images, specific dietary requirements, or colour changes, My Baker allows for cakes to be fully customisable. The process is efficient and streamlined – fill in a ‘Design My Cake’ form and wait for the fast response. Intricately designed cakes are available for delivery within 24-48 hours, seven days a week, making them perfect for birthdays, gifts, and events.

For most businesses Lockdown was a turbulent time, and for some start-ups it led to closures or economic difficulty. For My Baker, the temporary ban on large gatherings, weddings, and corporate get-togethers proved to be a challenge. However, as an influx of potential customers flocked to online shops, My Baker quickly recouped their losses. The growing demand for online shopping saw My Baker and its community step into its own. As gift giving increased, so did independent bakers’ businesses and revenue. My Baker took advantage of this online shopping boom, taking it as an opportunity to evolve and further develop their business practices.

As the enterprise continues to grow, My Baker has big plans for the future. Alongside their business to customer transactions, they have revamped their offerings to corporates. They hope to continue their engagement in product development and increase their range of products to keep pace with constantly evolving trends. My Baker also featured at ‘The Cake and Bake Show,’ and Cake International, meeting talented bakers and promoting their brand. Most importantly, they aim to continue growing their network and increasing their presence across the U.K.

Indeed, My Baker is changing the face of the baking industry. Its utilisation of online shopping makes it a clear standout in comparison to its competitors. Whilst delivery services are often seen amongst fast food companies, they are a commodity within the baking world. My Baker brings baked goods and extravagant cakes to a new audience in an accessible, high-quality manner.


For business enquiries contact My Baker by email at [email protected] or via their website at, or by telephone 020 3239 4399.