International brand, Four Fox Saké officially arrives in the UK. Spearheaded by London entrepreneurs Oliver Proudlock & Fraser Carruthers, the premium Saké will now be available to purchase through; www.amathusdrinks.com & www.31dover.com.

Dedicated to revitalising the ancient tradition of Saké in London the brand is set to make their mark with the backing of Carruthers and Proudlock. As exclusive in its production as it is in its distribution, Four Fox produce only one batch of Saké every year. 

A liquor as smooth and elegant in its packaging as in its taste, Four Fox Saké places the utmost emphasis on quality. The unique creation originates in the mountains of Niigata and is made with only the purest of ingredients; the cleanest snowmelt water and 100% local Gohyakumangoku rice of the highest grade. From grain to grain, Niigata to London, Four Fox takes no shortcuts when it comes to excellence.

360 view of the bottle

The sleek light up bottle encases a beverage steeped in centuries-old traditions, while the brand’s playful name hints at the Japanese mythological inspiration. The brand pay homage to the fox spirits of Inari Okami; the Japanese Goddess of rice, Saké, and swordsmiths.

 According to myth, the fox spirits guard the Torii gates to a shrine letting only the purest spirits through, transitioning from the human to the divine. The brand’s bottle further pays tribute to its origins; the metallic finish mirroring the superior metal of the ancient swordsmiths blessed by Inari, a tribute continued in the Katana samurai sword strikingly cut-out on each side. 

Every bottle wears the brand’s crest proudly, illustrating the fox spirits guarding the Torii gates, snowflakes falling on a bed of Gohyakumangoku rice.

From the remote, snowy mountains of Japan to the glittering skyline of Hong Kong, Four Fox Saké has officially arrived in London, stocked in the most exclusive hotspots, from Mahiki Kensington, Raffles Nightclub, Albert’s, Cuckoo, Foley’s and Cirque le Soir to name a few. Since launching in Hong Kong in 2015, Four Fox Saké has launched in Macau, Las Vegas, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and Toronto.