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After working for 11 years at the most prestigious Maison de Couture in Paris, fashion designer Orelie Varnier, made her lifetime dream come true by launching her own Haute Couture fashion brand in Los Angeles. Here we take a look at her company and what led to her success in this industry. 

At the age of 16, Orelie Varnier moved to Paris- the French capital city and world capital of fashion- to embark on a career journey which would take her from an assistant, to the owner of haute couture fashion brand OV Paris.  

With a portfolio of drawings and initially only 24 hours, Orelie aimed to convince the couture houses of her talent. On that very day, the assistant of famous designer Pierre Cardin, saw her work and hired her for the school summer holidays. Since then, Orelie has never looked back.

Orelie Varnier
Orelie Varnier

Pierre Cardin himself, trained Orelie during the 11 years she worked for the most prestigious Maison de Couture in Paris. In addition to this, the talented designer also trained at world renowned brands including Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior.

However, her life’s dream from a young age was to focus on her own designs and set up her own haute couture brand. Her dream was to make women look as beautiful and elegant as Sisi (Empress Elisabeth of Austria in 19th century).

Thanks to her exceptional design skills, pattern making, and her extensive experience as a seamstress at the best Parisian houses of haute couture, Orelie founded her own fashion company OV Paris.

Launched in 2018, OV Paris is a young haute couture, luxury brand for women around the world. Based in Los Angeles, where Orelie now resides, OV Paris sells the finest haute clothing, and accessories, with each item carefully handmade from the most deluxe fabrics.

Sharing her vision of “à la French” chic style and glamour, Orelie’s designs for OV Paris are highly refined and exude femininity, which is why they are made of the most rare and precious materials.

In line with this vision, Orelie also designs luxurious leather goods and jewellery that are made in Paris by exceptional craftsmen. Most of these accessories, along with her elegant clothing line, are ready to wear items available at OV Paris. Such as the Alpha 09 dress and the Lutetia 11 dress with the iconic chain bag pictured above.

Orelie also designs jewellery, made in Paris by exceptional craftsmen.

Additionally, Orelie also provides clients with customised items which are fitted and designed to their desires. Her aim is to promote the high quality of traditional French craftsmanship in the fashion field all over the world, and this is something which OV Paris definitely does.

However, that isn’t Orelie‘s only goal. By designing her own apparels, leather goods, and jewellery, Orelie believes she can contribute to women’s self-accomplishment and most importantly, their self-confidence.

couture design
Orelie provides clients with customised items which are fitted and designed to their desires.

It is evident that OV Paris has fulfilled Orelie’s dream of showcasing French culture, and her own designs around the world. From being a young 16-year-old visiting Paris with dreams, to an accomplished designer leading her own business, Orelie Varnier has definitely made it in the fashion industry and should be an example to all young designers.

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