The Tabou Agency is a design firm that specialises in creating innovative interiors for exhibition, restaurants, hotels and retail clients. In October, the firm’s Founder, Pascal Permentier, was recognised in LUXlife Magazine’s Leading Designers programme. Naturally, we were eager to speak to Pascal to find out more about his firm’s innovative work and ethos.

Great design can be subtle: A masterly blending of a colour palette that elevates the whole. It can also be loud and bombastic, demanding to be experienced and to be seen. The Tabou Agency are experts at combining the two, creating eclectic environments that are balanced and visually interesting, with an undeniable expertise behind every choice. For their clients, including some of the largest names in business – Levi Jeans, Scotch & Soda, Jeep, and Red Bull to name a few – the agency’s vibrancy and talent for creating stimulating spaces go hand in hand with their brand image. The Tabou Agency thinks differently, and their portfolio speaks for itself.

Pascal starts the interview by offering some background on the firm’s expertise. “We have the creative experience of big firms and the flexibility of independents; developing a strategy to contract and expand according to the brand’s needs. In the past, I had over 100 people working for us covering design, production and construction. Now we only focus on design, and the client can choose the company they want to build the project, and we can supervise the entire process to make sure it is completed to a high standard.”

“We excel in producing ideas that are ‘anti-ordinary’. As an independent design and visual strategy, we constantly innovate to help clients communicate. Our creations supplement a client’s style and corporate identity, bringing it forth in a tasteful, consistently striking and absolutely unique tableau of luxurious colours, textures and materials. We’ve tightly woven together our core values of loyalty, privacy and availability with our art and craft in order to nurture strong, faithful and fruitful relations with all of our clients.”

“Our job, ultimately, is to create new ideas for the client.”

One distinguishing aspect of Pascal’s firm is their international network. Wherever their clients are based, the Tabou Agency have the contacts to ensure a high quality of work that meets their client’s discerning standards. Pascal takes a moment to emphasise this quality of his agency. “We flip through our ginormous address book and find the right team, in one city or across the globe. Having imagination helps, but it was decades of experience that gave us the wisdom to adapt, shed expenses and operate with agility to each brand’s needs. Together with an international network of creatives and myself.”

More than anything, Pascal credits the firm’s global scope in forging the Tabou’s impressive reputation in the industry. That, and their ability to innovate and inspire others. “We have succeeded through a mix of brains, a well-developed network and magic. We inhale and exhale ideas. We’re not one agency, we’re jillions. We’re the creative force behind overall concepts for stunning retail, bars and restaurants, events, exhibitions, branding concepts, graphic and product design.”

Company Details

Company: Tabou Agency

Address: 14bis, rue des Puits Clos, Toulouse, Aquitanië, 31000

13, Rue Sainte Ursule, Toulouse- 31000

Website: www.tabouagency.com

Telephone: +33 6683 22982