holiday home

The holiday season is here again. This is always a great time for family and loved ones to enjoy a time together. The best time to do home improvements is before the holidays so it won’t spoil the holiday fun and enjoyment. This is why there is a surge in home improvements during the holiday season. Whether you want to improve your home’s comfort and functionality or extend your home’s flooring space or enhance your property value, there are many budget-friendly ways you can enhance your holiday house.

Enhance your home’s curb appeal

Your home exterior is the key to enhancing your home’s curb appeal. An improvement on your home exterior will make your home’s entryway more inviting, aesthetically appealing and conducive. There are inexpensive ways to improve your home’s exterior —regardless of your home’s architectural style and size. A good example is an installation of a quality garden decking material or wall cladding or fencing. These home improvement projects can enhance your property value. 

In many homes, painting is the cheapest way to beautify the exterior of any home. Good paintwork can improve the appearance of your home’s exterior.

Here are some great ways to improve your holiday home’s exterior:

  • One of the most important parts of your home is the entryway. Your home’s entryway comprises the door, flower pots, pathways and ornamental lights. You repaint your door and replace the doorknob if it looks worn out or old. A good way of enhancing your home’s entry point is by frequently cleaning your pathway. 
  • Installing a nice fence is an excellent way of boosting your property’s value and appeal. Apart from the security and privacy it provides, a fence can enhance your home’s landscape. This is a way to improve your home’s curb appeal. 
  • The addition of deck extension with composite decking boards can also add beauty and style to your home’s outdoor area. It can also boost your property’s resale value. 
  • Wall cladding is a great way elongating your building span and accentuating the beauty of your home’s exterior. Some popular examples of wall cladding materials are wood, concrete, composites and aluminium. 
Kitchen remodelling

The kitchen is one of the most active areas of the house. You cannot overestimate the importance of a highly functional kitchen. During the holiday season, your kitchen area is not only for preparing meals but for entertaining guests. The following tips will guide you in ways in which you can improve the lighting, decor and layout of your kitchen: 

  • Painting is a cheap and budget-friendly means of enhancing your kitchen’s aesthetics. For instance, grey, white and blue paint colour helps create a sleek appearance. These colours create an inviting atmosphere to a room. 
  • Your kitchen light is another way of improving its appearance and accentuating the features of your kitchen area. A dimly lit kitchen is never attractive. You can purchase pendant lights or chandeliers to brighten up your kitchen. 
  • The kitchen cabinet is the way of decorating your kitchen space. Replacing or refurbishing it can improve the appearance of your kitchen. You can also paint or spray your cabinets with bright colours to maintain its beauty.
Carpets & flooring

Clean and beautiful carpets will earn the admiration and appreciation of your guests and visitors. It is very simple to keep your carpet in good condition. A good way is through the use of cleaning equipment. If you have a hardwood floor, then finishing and sanding can keep the floor area in great shape. 

Here are some fantastic ways to improve your holiday home’s carpet and flooring:

  • Have a vacuuming routine that helps you tidy up your upholstery and carpet. It can be once or twice a week. 
  • Flower and nature can beautify your flooring area. This will surely impress your guests and make your home look better.
  • Ensure you replace worn out or outmoded floor tiles. 
  • Avoid the use of too many chemical products because they can damage your flooring material and finish. The less cleaning products you use, the more durable your flooring materials get. Sweeping and mopping is a great way of tidying up your floor. 


Bathroom Revamp 

Your bathroom is a sanctuary. It is one of the most frequented parts of your home. It should provide comfort, ease and conduciveness. Your guests and visitors will want to use your home bathroom. Revamping your bathroom will also better your property’s value. The good thing is that there are inexpensive ways to beautify your bathroom. You don’t have to break the bank to create a comfy and functional bathroom.

Here are some tips to help you to improve your bathroom: 

  • Deep cleaning is a great way of enhancing your bathroom’s functionality and aesthetics. 
  • The key to creating a beautiful bathroom is by putting in place adequate lighting facilities. As long as your bathroom is adequately lit, it will always be aesthetically pleasing.
  • Replace old or rusted taps and faucets.