It’s gotten to the point where the benefits of living in Portugal are no longer a secret. The country has been ranked top of the list of countries to retire to. Portugal is also a great place for expats, and it’s no surprise to find foreigners making Portugal their home. Portugal is one of the most exclusive luxury locations across Europe.


Reasons to Live in Portugal

Due to its location, Portugal has always been one of the most critical international crossroads globally. And although the country remains a popular travel destination, Portugal’s history as a center of learning and culture is perhaps less well-known. In fact, learning and culture have long been the primary drivers of the Portuguese economy, from the founding of the University of Coimbra in 1290 to the establishment of the first Portuguese printing press and the development of the country’s first computer. This means that anyone looking to set up their life in Portugal will have access to unsurpassed luxury and culture. There is something for everyone, including golf, hiking, wine appreciation, and an abundance of delicious world-class food. Moreover, The Portuguese are known for their incredible sense of humor and friendliness. Everyone you meet will make you feel welcome. They are also very proud of their heritage, and they do a great job celebrating their traditions, especially the rich history of the Portuguese discoveries.


High Quality of Life

Thanks to its warm climate and beautiful, unspoiled natural landscape, Portugal is growing in popularity as a top destination for those seeking a good life. Portugal is a great place to live, from the beautiful coastline and gorgeous countryside to the country’s rich culture and welcoming people. This is even more so when you consider the luxury options that exist. If you are prepared to spend, you can get access to some of the highest quality restaurants and most exclusive bars on the planet.



Portugal is a beautiful country blessed with a coastline that offers some of the most picturesque and diverse landscapes in the world. It is a country rich in history and culture, with an ancient past and a thriving modern society. It has a long coastline (more than 1000 miles) with many beaches, from wild natural beaches, through stretches of golden sand to stunningly picturesque hidden coves. The country is a biodiverse destination and nature lover’s dream. There are even opportunities to get away from the cities and book into luxury eco-lodges which provide unparalleled comfort and a deep connection with the ancient natural scenery.


Real Estate

Buying real estate In Portugal can be a very financially savvy move because the property market there is relatively cheap. The Portuguese government is more than happy to welcome foreign investors who want to buy a historical home or a new waterfront apartment. Moreover, there are various options to choose from, which range from affordable to exclusive. Despite the abundance of stunning villas and country homes that dot the country’s coastline, Portugal doesn’t get nearly as much attention from real estate buyers as nearby countries like Spain, Italy, and France. That’s a shame because affordable villas for sale in Portugal are just as luxurious as the mega-mansions of the Cote d’Azur, and they come with the added bonus of being surrounded by beautiful landscapes and pristine beaches.



Portugal has a culinary heritage that is as diverse as it is delicious. The food here is generally fresh and natural, which means that it is full of flavor. One could argue that Portuguese cuisine is among Europe’s most interesting. While influences from other countries are clear and distinct regional variations, Portuguese cuisine is also unique.

Wine is the national drink, and the country is the world’s largest exporter of Port. Popular dishes include:

● Cataplana (seafood and shellfish stew cooked in a traditional copper dish).

● Cozido à Portuguesa (a rich pot of stewed beef, pork, and poultry).

● Bacalhau (salted cod).


There is also a luxury element to food, and as of 2021, there are 28 Michelin-starred restaurants scattered around the country. Nevertheless, the quality and range of food are so high that you don’t necessarily need to visit such establishments; it is all around you.



Portugal is home to an increasing number of resorts that cater to every taste. From the historic luxury of a converted Palácio to the ultimate in pampering at an ultra-modern spa, Portugal has a destination for all types of luxury things to do.



When considering luxury, some locations stand out for their cultural or natural aspects.



Lisbon is the capital city of Portugal. In addition to having a high standard of living, it’s one of the least dangerous cities in the EU. As part of the UNESCO World Heritage List, many parts of the city were designated a World Heritage Site. The city is known for its many squares and churches, including the Lisbon Cathedral.


Douro Region

The Douro Valley (Portuguese: Vale do Douro) is north of Aveiro in central Portugal, best known for its port wine production. The valley lies within the geographical region of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro and is defined by a system of hills that rise abruptly from the river. The area has a temperate climate influenced by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. It is a fantastic place for wine lovers.



The city of Porto has a long history of being the seat for many Portuguese rulers, and it was a strategic trading location for centuries. The city has become a popular tourist destination, and it is now known for its beautiful buildings, rich history, and fine dining.



Its warm climate, gorgeous beaches, and well-developed infrastructure make it a popular year-round destination, although it is busiest during the summer months. The Algarve has a variety of attractions, including historic towns, natural scenery, and golf courses.



Portugal is home to many luxury amenities and has ancient cities steeped in culture. The different locations provide changing climates from the more temperate north to the warmer south and many varieties in between. For anyone looking to live in Portugal to take advantage of its quality of life benefits, there is no better time than 2021.