Located in the heart of California’s thriving San Francisco Bay Area, Hair by Monique is an exclusive, appointment-only hair salon committed to offering quality treatments for men, women and children. We profile the salon to find out more.

Drawing on the passion and commitment of Founder Monique Siglinger, Hair by Monique offers clients a wide range of quality treatments to give them the confidence to live lift to the full. 

Monique has been a stylist for over thirty years. She specializes in designing a style that is most suitable to your face, lifestyle, and abilities. Whether a client needs an easy cut, colour, curls, or a straightener, she brings out their best and makes them look and feel great.
She began her career in Palo Alto, California at Yosh for Hair where she was an instructor, manager and motivator. For many years she travelled with Yosh across the country educating other stylists. On stage she helped to demonstrate and communicate a specific technique and philosophy that Yosh had developed.

After thirteen years, she branched out to become an independent stylist and for ten years, she worked in downtown Los Altos. In August of 2007 she returned to Palo Alto to open her own salon, Hair by Monique, which has since flourished.


Offering everything from basic haircuts through to custom perms, hair colouring and other bespoke treatments, Hair by Monique is the ideal destination for anyone seeking expert hair care that will leave them with beautiful, healthy hair. Monique uses a wide variety of quality tools and products to help create custom looks for her clients. All of the products used in the salon are paraben-free and organic, and a number are available for sale so that clients can maintain their look at home.

Ultimately, despite operating in a competitive market, Hair by Monique has achieved incredible success over the years thanks to its Founder’s vast industry expertise. Looking to the future, Monique will continue to enhance her reputation for excellence in haircare to drive even more clients to visit her salon and leave with hair that gives them the confidence to live their best life.

Company: Hair by Monique

Contact: Monique Siglinger

Website: http://www.hairbymonique.com/