With an experienced team of experts, a focus on service and vast experience in the investment management space, Hartey Wealth Management Ltd is fully equipped to offer clients a first-class service. As a winner of one of our 2018 Wealth & Asset Management Awards we profile the firm to learn more about its service offering and how it works closely with clients to provide them with services specifically designed to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

As High Net Worth Individuals come to understand that their money needs to work for them, not the other way around, the need for sound, expert financial advice and support has never been greater.

Therefore, LUXlife Magazine has worked hard to select the finest wealth managers in the world, who have worked hard to offer their knowledge and wisdom to their clients and provide them with the same exceptional level of service that they expect from everyone they encounter.

This led us to Hartey Wealth Management, an independent financial advisory firm providing clear, bespoke advice to a range of clients including professionals, businesses and individuals.

Since the firm began in 2014 it has been working hard to gain a reputation for excellence, and today its team are proud to support some of the wealthiest individuals in the UK to manage their wealth and make sound financial decisions that will benefit them in the long-term.

From its base in Shropshire, Hartey Wealth Management is able to support clients from across the county and beyond, with clients in Cheshire also receiving the benefit of impartial, unbiased and objective financial advice, with a view managing and preserving their wealth. As such, the company is able to support clients across two of the wealthiest counties in the UK, working alongside them and aiming to build long-term relationships with them.

For these clients, the firm operates a risk-based approach to wealth management. Through Hartey Wealth Management’s risk questionnaires and discussions with their designated wealth manager clients collaborate with the firm and agree together the level of risk that they feel comfortable with, and as such every client understands how their money is being used and the benefits they will gain from the work that Hartey Wealth Management undertake on their behalf.

As part of its dedication to client service, the firm structures its fees according to four guiding principles: transparency; control; added value; and a consistently fair approach. This ensures that every client understands exactly where their money is going and is able to make informed decisions at all times, even when paying its financial advisors.

Ultimately, Hartey Wealth Management is committed to working closely alongside its clients to achieve their financial goals and, fundamentally, increase their wealth. This will remain central to the firm’s focus as it looks towards a bright future.

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Company: Hartey Wealth Management Ltd

Website: https://www.harteywm.co.uk/