winter porridge

Healthy Foods to Help You Feel Warmer During Winter

Whilst you’re hunting around for the winter hats and gloves, you are almost definitely going to want to know which foods would be good winter warmers too. Whilst doing your best to eat healthily and maintain your summer body, in winter the taste of unhealthy food can be too irresistible. Being able to continue to eat healthily and stay warm are two important factors in keeping you well as the weather gets colder.

Below are 4 foods which can help you to feel warm during the upcoming colder months.


What foods keep you warm during the winter?

When it comes to keeping warm, hot drinks like coffee are usually the first order of business. Alongside coffee, toast tends to be the breakfast of choice for many people. However, it all gets a bit serious when it comes to lunchtime. Soup is a traditional warming food, and there are some decent stews knocking around which would be ideal. Luckily, feeling cold is not a symptom of a food intolerance, but you still need to be looking out for certain foods in your diet.  If you’ve got a cold or a chill, soup is a great way to warm you up. There are other foods to consider, however, such as a tasty take away choice.


1) Porridge

A proper winter warmer, porridge is a great breakfast option as it gives you a boost of slow releasing energy to begin the day productively. Porridge is considered to be a very healthy food to start your morning as it’s made of oats which are packed with fibre. Additionally, you can guarantee a steaming bowl will keep you warm in the morning. 


2) Spices like Cinnamon

There are endless amounts of herbs and spices you can use to give your meals a ‘kick’, and one of the most common spices found in household cupboards is Cinnamon. Many people associate Cinnamon with being unhealthy because of Cinnamon Buns. But, actually, when paired with the right food, Cinnamon can be good for you and will certainly warm you up in the winter. Adding Cinnamon to porridge or apple can be a great way to start your morning. Additionally, it helps with body circulation, meaning it is incredibly appropriate for those struggling to get warmth to their hands and feet.


3) Potato Soup

Potato soups are a common source of warmth for the body throughout winter. They also just happen to be delicious. Many people opt for a potato-filled soup for lunch, due to its warmth and also the fact it is incredibly filling. Nothing’s stopping you from having this tasty soup for breakfast either. This can be considered as overkill but in the cold mornings, it certainly is a warming way to start your day. There are also some fantastic soup recipes available online!


4) A healthy takeaway

Sometimes a takeaway is just too much to resist! Most takeaways will have a free online ordering system which  is what makes them so popular. If you are tucked up on the sofa in a blanket and the weather has started to get colder, the last thing you need is to start cooking. This is why ordering online food could be your saviour, and yes, it is possible to have a healthy takeaway. This can be done by ordering a thin crust pizza rather than a thick crust. Don’t order sides, or, if you need to, order a side salad. One thing for certain, a takeaway will certainly keep you warm in the winter.

In summary, there are plenty of foods which will warm you up in the winter months. Remember, to stay healthy as the weather gets colder, as this will keep you productive and will help to fight off any colds. There is nothing as important as a filling breakfast. Take note of the porridge!