Travel Tips

There’s no question that traveling is fun, exciting, and lets you see so many new things and new places. No matter if you have long-term or short-term travel plans, things can add up quickly.

Now is a good time to figure out how you can save, and there are more than a few ways to accomplish this. Keep reading for some tips and ideas on how you can save on your upcoming travel plans.


Fly When Other People Aren’t Flying

Airfare can increase and decrease based on the number of people who are flying. Try to plan your flights on a Tuesday or Wednesday, or later in the afternoon on a Saturday. Doing this can help you get much cheaper airfare.

Late nights and early mornings aren’t popular times, either, which means you can usually find lower rates. Flying on New Year’s Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving isn’t popular either, which may mean you can get a great deal. It’s also a good idea to look on sites like DontPayFull.com to see if there are any coupons or discounts offered for upcoming flights.


Reduce the Number of Drinks You Have While You Are Out

Eating out costs a lot, and having alcoholic drinks costs even more. Regardless of where you visit, alcohol isn’t something your body needs. While some people travel for certain drinks or look at alcohol as a great way to explore a new location, it can really eat into your travel costs if you drink daily.

There are ways you can avoid paying for every drink when you go to the bar. For example, if you stay at a hostel, you can purchase a bottle of wine or six-pack to drink (just check the rules first).


Be Flexible About the Places You Visit

You can use online tools to pinpoint places around the world you want to visit that are within your travel budget. With these tools, you can choose your departure city and time, along with how long you will be traveling. After that, all you have to do is set how much you are willing to spend on airfare.

Once set, you will see a map with the destinations that are within your budget. Doing this also helps you be flexible with your travel timing. You can search travel options by the month to see if some days are cheaper than others.


Consider Staying in a Hostel

You may wonder if staying in a hostel is a good idea, as they provide you with a memorable travel experience in other locations. Hostels are the perfect place to make new connections, meet people, and access helpful staff. You can even participate in group outings to learn more about the place you are visiting.

Many hostels also provide you with a cultural experience, which isn’t something you get staying in a traditional hotel.


Sign Up for Email Alerts

Plenty of travel-related websites let you sign up for email alerts from travel sites and airlines. You can sign up for these alerts to get notifications when discounts or savings are available. You can find similar offers on social media sites such as Twitter.


Travel to Areas Where Your Home Currency Will Go Further

The cost of traveling to some places is more than others, so you should research locations where your home currency is worth more. Consider making a list of the top places you want to visit. Once you have your list, you can begin researching the cost of traveling there.

In some places, such as Singapore, you may want to consider cooking your own meals and avoid using rental cars, especially if you want to travel to more expensive locations.


Use an Airline Credit Card

If you plan to check a bag while you fly, you likely know how expensive this can be. One way to save on baggage fees is by using an airline credit card. For example, the Delta SkyMiles credit card will waive all checked bag fees for you and your companions. This may mean savings of $60 or more per person in the right scenario.


Depart from a Different Location

If you don’t mind driving before your next flight, consider departing from a different airport. Sometimes, this can help you save a great deal of money. In some situations, you can save hundreds of dollars and avoid long layovers, making it worth the time and effort.


Use Your Points and Miles

Many credit cards give you points and miles when you make a purchase. If you are traveling, it’s a good idea to see what type of rewards you have accumulated.

People who use their credit cards regularly rack up several million points per year. You can cover almost all your travel costs from these rewards with all these points, rather than paying out of pocket. It’s a great option if you want to travel, but have limited funds.


Are You Ready to Travel On a Budget?

There are more than a few ways you can travel on a budget. Be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind, which will help you save as much as possible on your travel plans. Using the resources available to you will help reduce your costs, no matter where you decide to go in the world.