Loved our Tie Dye piece? Why not try Using a lesser-known technique called ice-dyeing, here’s how you can transform glum garments into this year’s hottest trend…

You’ll need: 

  • DYLON Hand Dyes – we recommend using more than one colour
  • An old (or new) white cotton or linen shirt –  it needs to be clean
  • Bag of ice cubes
  • Rubber gloves
  • Cooling rack
  • Large plastic tray
Step 1
Wet the clean shirt and squeeze out any excess water
Step 2

Leave damp and crumple shirt into a bundle

Step 3
Stack the cooling rack on top of a tray for ice to drip freely in puddle under shirt
Step 4

Place the crumpled shirt on rack and cover with ice cubes

Step 5

Sprinkle dye powder at random over the ice

Step 6
Step four

Repeat if you’re adding additional colours. We recommend that you pick shades of fabric dye that go well together, e.g. shades within the same colour family – like Vintage Blue and Navy Blue – or different colours that complement each other – like Intense Violet and Passion Pink

Step 7

Leave shirt to sit for a minimum of one hour or until the ice melts to allow the dye to seep into fabric

Step 8

Once dye has set, rinse out excess dye until water runs clear and leave to dry away from direct sunlight

LUXlife Review
Much lesser known technique, creates a mottled dye effect. This method works better using more than one colour, with a plain white vest top (preferably made from cotton or linen) dampen the and crumple vest into a bundle on a cooling rack over a tray to catch excess water and dye. Place the ice on the crumpled vest and cover with ice cubes, sprinkle dye powder at random or a desired pattern and repeat with additional colours. Once complete rinse in cold water until the water runs clear and then wash in warm water, and leave to dry. This technique does afford you more control over the finished look than the classic tie dye method and its easy to add more colour if certain parts need it. This effect is more about creating patterns with the colour, than adding patterns into the colour.
Amber Clews
Awards Designer/ Production Co-Ordinator