Holidays can happen: Three stunning travel options for UK citizens during COVID-19

Despite the overall restrictions on movement during the pandemic, it’s still feasible to travel in the months ahead to certain areas abroad. Some countries and regions have a far lower infection rate and are potentially available for travelling to under the government’s rulings on COVID-19 ‘travel corridors’.

So, you’ve been cooped up for months and you’re itching to get out there. It’s understandable! With things getting dingy and dark as early as 4 PM in the UK during winter months, many families and more are seeking a vacation away from the challenging life we’re all enduring together.

Here’s a list of options to consider. Please note that the availability and legality of these options are subject to change, so be sure to double-check your travel options and desired destinations thoroughly if you come to make plans.

The Maldives

A jewel in the current green zone of travel. At present, you’re required to show evidence of a negative COVID-19 test no more than 96 hours before you depart. When you get there, you’ll need to pass elementary checks on temperature, as well as other screening procedures. Fail those and you’ll be quarantined temporarily.

This is a wonderful option to consider. With balmy temperatures throughout the year and in this period, the Maldives are famous the world over for their spectacular waters and quintessential palm trees. It’s a classic beach getaway.

The Maldives


What if we told you there was a place with a beautiful beach for every day of the year? And that you could (most likely) travel to it even during the present pandemic?

Look no further. Antigua is a stunning example of the island paradise getaway, boasting fine white sands across a variety of warm regions and beaches. Located securely in the Caribbean sea, Antigua is presently requiring its visitors to provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test that’s dated no more than seven days prior to their arrival. They also have a Government-approved list of accommodation to choose from; you’ll want to make sure you book from that list. The same list applies to nearby Barbuda.



A tempting option nestled within the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is currently allowing travellers from the UK under specific conditions. If you’re looking to enter this country, you’ll need to follow government guidelines to the letter. As of November 2020, this includes a short period of quarantine upon arrival and evidence of accommodation booked from the government’s approved list of locations. As is the case with other countries like Antigua, you’ll also need to show a negative COVID-19 test that’s no older than seven days from when you arrive.

There are many reasons to consider Mauritius for a balmy getaway, and they invariably involve its spectacular beaches and the tempting potential of swimming alongside whales and dolphins in the Tamarin Bay. As is the case with many options available in the current COVID-19 travel corridor for UK citizens, it’s also a very affordable choice due to the favourable exchange rates from the Pound to its local currency.


All the best for the months ahead!

With everyone’s mental health more than a little challenged during the unique pandemic we’re currently facing, it’s healthy to consider a holiday of some kind to recharge your batteries. Many adults and families are drawing on savings or other options such as a direct lender at present, securing a brief holiday away from the UK while still respecting the government’s mandates regarding the pandemic.

Whatever your plans for the months ahead, we wish you the best of health and we hope you and your family remain safe and well. And if there’s a little sun on a faraway beach on the books, all the better!