Young fashionable women walking down a high street

Even though Women’s History Month is over, it’s always a good time to celebrate women. Whether it’s through thoughtful campaigns or exclusive product lines, brands have come together to transform the world into a better place for women now and in the future. Check out how beauty and fashion brands are celebrating women throughout the year.


1. SheaMoisture

Self-care is so important, but many women don’t feel like they have the time for it. They have to juggle their careers, family responsibilities and personal goals. SheaMoisture wants to empower women from underserved communities while supporting their self-care routines. Every purchase helps fund their Emerging Visionary Grant, which supports Black women creatives to open businesses and make positive changes with grants.


2. Nike

Nike has an iconic history within the fashion industry, so it uses its star power to celebrate women.  They’ve given over $500,000 every year to organizations that provide new opportunities for women like local resource centers and access to STEM programs with personal funding. The expansive giving covers women from all walks of life so everyone has a path forward to achieve their dreams.


3. Eric Javits

Women don’t always have the time or budget to apply protective facial products that prevent skin damage due to sun exposure. Eric Javits gives back by protecting women from sunburns with their Squishee hat. Every style uses a patented fabric that prevents dangerous melanoma from forming while someone spends time outside. Women can live longer, healthier lives when they protect their skin with effortless solutions like these.


4. Billie

Even though women are used to wearing multiple hats to support themselves, some challenges are unavoidable. The Pink Tax unfairly hikes the prices of many women’s personal and beauty products, so Billie wants to step in and help. The brand gives a Pink Tax rebate to reimburse women for paying the tax on other razors. No one should have to pay a higher fee for looking and feeling their best.


5. Dior

No one can shine a light on femininity and female strength without everyone sharing their story. Dior created their Dior Stands With Women campaign to feature bold and unapologetic women representing the power of possibility that resides within every woman. Normalizing traditionally unfeminine characteristics makes the world more accepting of women who want more options than stereotypical expectations for themselves.


6. Bobbi Brown

The workplace has always been an uphill battle for women. Even if they shatter every glass ceiling at their company, there’s underlying misogyny that prevents them from confidently speaking up to superiors or getting through interviews. Bobbi Brown’s exclusive line directs funding to Smart Works, which helps working women by providing interview clothing, styling tips and practical career-related classes.


Celebrate Women With Your Fashion Brands

Everyone can discover how beauty and fashion brands are celebrating women with a bit of research into the brands already in their wardrobes and beauty bags. You might already make the world a better place by buying from companies that support women struggling in the workplace, on college campuses or within their own hearts. Knowing where your money will make the most difference empowers consumers to create new opportunities and healthy environments for women.