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How To Add Stylish Accents Into Your Home

Everyone wants to make their homes look like something from the magazines. Hence, many homeowners strive to renovate different areas in the house as much as their budget allows them to keep it up-to-date with the latest home styles and trends.  

When thinking of adding stylish accents into your home, there are plenty of easy and fun ways to go about it. And the good news is, you don’t really have to make dramatic changes, renovations, or remodeling to make your home more stylish and elegant. 

You may be willing to splurge to achieve the ideal interior you want, but it’s not always about how expensive your furniture is or how you’re always capable of getting on the trend.

Sometimes, all you need is just a bit of highlight, emphasis, or accent.

To give you some ideas, here are some ways you can add stylish accents to your home that you have never thought of before:

1. Add More Mirrors

If you have a smaller interior, mirrors can help make your room more visually spacious. You can incorporate large mirrors into your closet doors or arrange 2-3 long mirrors parallel to your living area. Furthermore, since mirrors show your interior’s reflection, it enables you to showcase various designs that you have at home. Plus, larger mirrors can make your space look brighter too.

Besides placing your mirrors in areas that you think are visually appealing, you must also consider hanging them at an appropriate level. Nevertheless, it would all depend on how you want some areas to be reflected. In most cases, homeowners settle for eye-level.

2. Go For Patterned Blinds

Most of you may be used to having plain roller blinds in adorning your windows and shielding the interior of your home from the peak of the sun’s heat. It’s the safest choice, especially as some homeowners would simply match their blinds to their existing home décor. If you want to make your home more stylish, it’s time to get out of your comfort zone and try something that you’ve never used before, such as patterned blinds

Understandably, choosing the right patterns for your interior can be tricky and challenging. Luckily, patterned blinds can go along with any room or office. There are different patterns for you to choose from to create a stylish aesthetic in your room. So, take your time as there’s plenty of designs that match every interior style.

3. Use Printed Colorful Curtains

It’s not only furniture or artwork displays that can add a statement to your homes but so do your curtains. If you have huge windows, use them to your advantage. Your curtain’s colors may be in contrast with your wall color for a more stylish and striking effect. For instance, if your wall is in the shades of light brown, your drapes must be in chocolate brown colors.

If you want to be bolder with your interior accents, you can opt for the classic floral printed curtains. If you’re going to experiment with other designs, you may try a chic toile print for a contemporary effect or animal printed curtains for a funkier vibe.

4. Let Your Lampshade Stand Out

Are you tired of switching on the same type of lampshade every night? It’s a normal feeling, especially since lampshades are meant to blend into your existing decors – well, most of the time. However, you can freely switch your lampshade into something more stylish to add an accent to your home. 

There are plenty of DIY lampshade ideas to help you reinvent your existing lampshade. You can cover it with pleated fabric or your handmade origami. If you’re not a DIY enthusiast, there are also plenty of lampshades sold in thrift stores that are meant to add a stylish aesthetic to whichever room you place it.

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5. Change Your Cupboard’s Handles

One of the ways to add accents to your home is by purchasing a new piece of furniture. Thankfully, that doesn’t always have to be the case, especially if you’re on a budget. Instead of buying new furniture, why not make use of your existing ones? 

You can change your cupboard’s handles into more unique ones like colorful knobs, vintage-patterned knobs, or switch it for a rope handler instead for a fresh new look. Sometimes, it only takes small details to change the room drastically.

6. Glamorize Your Tables

Are your tables plain and empty? Glamorize your tables by adding a gold runner and pairing it with the perfect table centerpiece. Don’t limit your imagination to the gold colors only. You can choose other colors and prints that you want as long as it matches your interior style and preferences.

By the time you’re hosting a dinner at your house, they’ll definitely not miss the stylish accent that you’ve added to the dinner table.

7. Upgrade Your Floors

If you have an existing vinyl flooring at home, you can upgrade it as a way of adding accent into your interior. You don’t have to replace them totally as that will be very costly and will take a lot of time. However, you may freshen it up by painting it with wide contrasting stripes or any color or pattern that you prefer.

Painting your floors is an affordable way to give your home a fresh and fun update. If you’re planning to DIY, make sure you get the right supplies that are safe to use and very durable for foot traffic and other elements.

8. Cover Your Outlets And Switches In A Stylish Way

Can your light switches really be part of styling your home? The answer is yes! Despite their simple role in the house, which is merely switching the lights on and off, you can easily turn them into something stylish. Instead of the typical white box outlet and switches that you’ve known, why not decorate it with mosaic tiles, animal prints, vintage florals, or scrapbook paper to give it more life. Choose your desired theme!

Keep in mind to always prioritize safety when handling things that are related to electricity. Although you won’t really be handling any wires on this, make sure to remove the cover safely without touching any wires.

9. Change Your Old Picture Frames

One of the simplest ways to add a stylish accent to your home is by changing your old picture frames. Simply replace your old frames with more contemporary and intricate borders. You can have gold, silver, or any color you think would match the current theme you have at home. As you display your new frames on your console table and walls, watch how it gives the space a refreshing and modern appearance.

Moreover, also consider rearranging your frames on your table or walls. You may be visually tired of looking at your old picture frame arrangement, so why not switch them up a bit. Well-arranged picture frames can certainly add elegance to your interiors.


Wrapping Up

Perhaps, the best piece of advice when it comes to adding stylish accents to your homes is, do not overdo it. When too many accents are put into place, they may all clash against each other, making it less stylish, disunified, and cluttered. Just trust that each accent piece you have will deliver the right amount of style and glamour to your home.