It’s that time of year again and men’s fashion week has been in full swing. From Paris to Milan, the future of men’s fashion has been proudly paraded on the catwalk for all the world to see.

But, that’s the thing, fashion is a cycle that comes and goes – style, however, is timeless.

The best way to ensure you always look and feel good, is to build a minimalist wardrobe of key pieces you can turn to, no matter where you go.

Minimalist wardrobe 

If you’re wondering what one of these is, let us outline it for you. A minimalist wardrobe is one that’s filled with classic essentials, of good quality and in neutral tones that can be changed around and worn seasonally.

So, with that in mind, read on to find out what your new wardrobe needs.

Top Half

Dress shirts: These will take you everywhere from a meeting or interview, all the way to a formal affair. Stick to white and light blue when it comes to colour.

Sports shirts: These are more casual shirts, which can include anything from a check to a denim style, which can include anything from a check to a denim style. The key here is to stay neutral on your tones, with whites and light greys working. Don’t be afraid of colour but keep it simple like a dark blue or green.

Jumpers: These are perfect for autumn and winter, as they’ll keep you warm and cool as they can be worn solo or under a coat. They’re even great for going over a shirt. Make sure you opt for a mixture of lightweight and heavy jumpers for all occasions.

Casual jackets: Again, lightweight and ideal for when the weather gets a little cooler. Military design, bomber, leather and denim jackets are all excellent choices here.

Sports coats: Essentially half a suit, you shouldn’t look at them this way though. A basic tweed or light blue/grey is the ideal way to make any casual look appear more formal.

Coat: You may like a parka or duffle coat for the warmth, but an absolute essential is a pea coat. The classic cut is sure to fit with all outfits – buy in black.

Lower Half

Jeans: Slim or tapered are the cut you should opt for, meanwhile having a par of medium-wash, light-wash and dark, raw, unwashed denim jeans should cover all basis.

Chinos: Stay away from khaki but opt for charcoal or medium grey for a more formal look on a casual day.

Trousers: perfect for formal affairs or work, you should have at least one pair of dark blue dress trousers to hand.


Belts: You only need two or three, so go for a dark and light brown leather and maybe a grey canvas to ensure you have one for all occasions.


Dress shoes: Make sure you have one black and one brown pair of shoes, preferably in an Oxford style.

Casual shoes: While you may own sneakers, opt for some boat shoes, loafers and even a more formal trainer than can be worn out rather than on errands.

With these simple pieces, you’ll have the perfect wardrobe to see you through all eventualities.