How to Create and Maintain a Gorgeous Garden Based on the Latest Trends

With winter making its presence known, it can be tempting to simply lock up the garden shed and focus on the indoors. But gardening has so many benefits, not least for your mind, body and soul. So, while the weather may have sent us scuttling inside, now is the ideal time to start thinking ahead, and what your garden 2021 may look like.

To give you some inspiration during these long, dark nights, we take a look into the not so distant future to help you create a gorgeous garden based on the latest designer trends.

Bringing the inside out

Re-thinking the way you see your garden can help to create more living space in your home. And one of the best ways to do this is to re-imagine your garden as an extension of your indoors. One of the hottest trends right now is to redesign part of your garden into an outdoor room, adding a whole new dimension to the way you live, work and socialize. And 2021 is set to see a boom in outdoor rugs, sofas and weatherproof textiles as well as outdoor kitchens, as we increasingly recognize our yards and gardens as extra living space.

The trick to creating an outdoor room is to ensure it flows beautifully from your home. Look for plants that can work both indoors and outside to create a natural transition. Think geranium, calla lily, begonias, fuchsias and tropical hibiscus and you can create a truly stunning and sociable outdoor room.

The edible garden

A hot trend for 2021, the edible garden is still at the forefront of current garden design as more and more of us are looking to grow our own produce. But instead of digging vegetable patches or making room for raised beds, the edible garden concept – also known as foodscaping – sees food growing in your flowerbeds. And the idea of an edible garden works particularly well if you don’t have a very large outdoor space. Think tomato plants nestled amongst your roses, herb gardens enlivening a rockery, pots of potatoes amongst your patio plants and fruit trees in your borders.

By deliberately growing edibles amongst your ornamental plants, you get a beautiful garden that is also pretty easy to maintain as long as you have the essential tools. And for maintaining those borders, check out the best grass shears reviews to create a lovely manicured look.  The result should be a blossoming outdoors space that literally looks good enough to eat!

Go bold and bright

After the dark winter, who doesn’t want a riot of color in our garden and for those who are prepared to go bold in 2021, you will have an outdoor space that is bang on-trend. Bold blooms in vivid pinks, reds, yellows, oranges and purples will enhance the vibrancy and life of your outdoor space, whether that’s a garden, yard, patio or apartment block balcony. And for garden fashionistas amongst us, the louder and brighter the better!

The secret to creating a bold garden that doesn’t look chaotic is to keep the color explosions to set areas, and group complementary shades together rather than color clash. And for impact, why not paint exterior walls or trellises for an extra vibrant pop to make your outdoor space a total joy.

outdoor lights
Wild and wonderful

Gardening for wildlife and climate change continues to be a key trend, with gardeners using their outdoor space to create a more natural and sustainable haven. Recycling and repurposing materials, planting sustainably, selecting plants that encourage wildlife and letting a little wildness return to your garden means you can have an outdoor space that is good for both you and the planet.

And the beauty of going wild is that you don’t have to start your garden from scratch. Adjusting your current garden by not using pesticides and gradually switching to hardier, low maintenance plants as well as plants that encourage bees and butterflies such as Buddleia, lavender and borage can really make a difference. And letting yourself go a little wild, by not over gardening and even turning part of your lawn into a wildflower meadow will create a naturally beautiful outdoor space you can enjoy all year round.


Taking it vertical

If you are still looking for garden inspiration, then 2021 is the year to look up! Vertical gardening is an exciting concept that can make the most beautiful green display in even the smallest of garden space. From urban micro-gardens to full walls, the spectacle of a vertical carpet of texture and color is a sight to be seen. And vertical gardening is one of the easiest ways to go green. A trellis system works well, as do outdoor shelving or window boxes hanging over a balcony to let plants such as lobelias, sweet potato vine and fuchsias trail beautifully down. Or use pots to house climbers, including clematis and honeysuckle to create a wall of color and sweet scent.

Or, for full on green vertical carpets which can include edible produce as well as the more ornamental plants, you can opt to try out hydroponics, a clever system of suspended panels and hydroponics that let you max out on all that spare wall space.


Reaping the rewards

Whatever style you choose for your garden, now is the time to start planning so that you are inspired and ready to get green when the early garden season starts. And putting your own creativity into an outdoor space is both nurturing and deeply satisfying, especially when you sit back on a warm summer’s day and reap the rewards of all your hard work.

It is a valuable skillset to succeed in making your home look elegant and luxurious. These were some of the tips and tricks that might help you create that aesthetically pleasing and refined vibe you have longed for your whole life. As your home is usually one of the larger investments you’ll make in your lifetime, the most important part is to remember to create a soothing atmosphere that will fulfil you and make you happy. Isn’t that what luxury is all about?