Bathroom with terracotta tiles on the walls, and a freestanding white bath

Sometimes, all we need is a good and warm bath if we are a little stressed or tired after a long day at work. So if you’re looking into giving your bathroom a little makeover to make it cosier and more relaxing, there are simple and creative ways to do it. With the right accessories, choice of paint, and furniture, you will certainly achieve the fancy vibe that you wish for your bathroom.

Here are some of the things you can do to give your bathroom a fancy and cosy vibe.


Upgrade your bathroom’s furniture and fixture

The first key step to making your bathroom look and feel fancy is to update its furniture and fixtures. You can get a freestanding bath, which is perfect even if you have a small bathroom. If you also decide to upgrade your toilet, there are plenty of styles to choose from. If you are trying to save more space, consider getting a whole back-to-wall closed coupled toilet. A closed-coupled bathroom can also be your option. You should also assess if there’s a need to upgrade your sink.

When upgrading your bathroom’s furniture and fixtures, you must consider what material they are made of, shape, size, and even style. In addition, of course, you want to give your bathroom a fancy vibe, so be sure that your chosen items will complement each other.


Incorporate neutral colours

Giving your bathroom a fresh coat of paint is an easy and affordable way to change its vibe. However, if you are into making your bathroom look elegant, go for white or creamy beige for the interior walls and even for your cabinets. If you notice, hotels usually use these tones for their walls and cabinets because they show elegance.


Choose the right accessories

Accessories will also help make your bathroom look more sophisticated. Putting accessories can help, but remember not to put too much. For example, you can put artwork or even a plant. Also, consider getting some matching containers for your liquid soap, hand sanitiser, or even for your hand lotion. The colour and style of the containers you will pick should match that of your bathroom’s design and interior.


Choose soft lighting

Lighting is essential in giving your bathroom a fancy vibe. This is where you get ready for the day, so you must ensure that you see yourself clearly in the mirror. Choose LEDs because this can help you save a lot of energy. In addition, lighting with a soft glow will create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere inside your bathroom.


Keep your bathroom clutter-free

Whatever upgrades you make in your bathroom, nothing will ever matter if you don’t know how to keep it clean. Make sure that your bathroom is always free from any clutter. Regularly clean it, and throw away things that are not necessary. Keep only those you need and use regularly.

These simple tips will give your bathroom a different vibe. Keep things simple yet elegant, and before you know it, that hotel bathroom experience is right next to you.