What is Contemporary Interior Design Style?

Contemporary design contains many of the same aspects of Minimalism. Sleek aesthetics and function-forward design are emphasised in this style, as well as clean and uncluttered spaces. Contemporary, despite its name, offers a timeless appeal that endures and promises to stay relevant in years to come.

Emerging in the late 20th century and continuing to evolve with the latest trends, Contemporary design embraces simplicity, clean lines, emerging technology and harmonious balance between form and function. Drawing inspiration from Modernism and Minimalism, this style creates spaces that exude elegance, sophistication and practicality.

If you’re looking to add some contemporary elements to your home, or completely renovate your house to fit this style, then continue reading for more inspiration.


When it comes to furnishing your property in Contemporary style, the golden rule applies; less is more. Sleek and streamlined furniture with clean silhouettes are favoured here, particularly items made in leather, metal and treated wood. The lack of embellishments and simple touches of ornamentation bring a luxurious feel to the space.

You can benefit from adding functional storage spaces that help to maintain the clutter-free aesthetic that makes this look so popular and create an uncluttered ambience that fosters a sense of tranquility and serenity.


Similarly to Minimalist interiors, you’ll find a neutral colour palette at play here. Clean whites, soft greys and nudes all work exceptionally well in these spaces. Separating itself from Minimalism, however, Contemporary offers a space for more artistic flair. Introduce pops of colour through artwork or accent pieces to portray your personality throughout your home.

If you’re a fan of abstract art, Contemporary spaces provide a perfect place for its display. Other ways to add a little element of fun to this design are feature walls or conservative wall hangings.


Keeping in theme with the style, when considering the flooring for your Contemporary design you should look for surfaces that reflect the overall clean and sophisticated aesthetic. Solid wood or laminate flooring can work well in both light or dark finishes.

If your property already has a Contemporary build, then you can use area rugs to define the different areas of your house. Rugs also help to add a layer of warmth and texture to the floor while still retaining the light feel.

Will Contemporary Design Go Out Of Style?

This interior trend will likely always stay trendy, as it moves forward with the times. Classic, neutral backdrops have been featured since the start of the Postmodern trend and the lack of ornamentation leaves little to actually go out of style.

Since this design is function-led, it offers the space to add new technology and smart home features without encroaching on the design, unlike other interior trends that are rooted in more traditional themes.

Contemporary design is, as its name suggests, contemporary so there is likely to be some evolution of this style as time progresses. The main features of the home, however, are intentionally ordinary and focus on a timeless quality. This has ensured that this kind of décor has maintained its relevance over the years and promises that it will continue long into the future.