Chipped nails are the worst. Avoid ruining your nail polish by learning how to extend the life of your manicure. There’s no need to paint your nails knowing that one bump or slip will turn your “just done” manicure into a full-on mess. That’s such a waste of time. Keep your polish from chipping by taking care of your nails and using the right products. It’s all about knowing what makes your nail polish last longer.

There are many reasons why your nails could be chipping. From constant water exposure during the day to your nails being naturally weak or brittle, there is a way you can prevent chips and cracks. Use these hacks and tricks for extending the life of your manicure:


Practice Good Nail Care

Many different nail problems cause chipping. You could have thin or brittle nails that chip easily or nails prone to peeling. There are ways to strengthen your nails naturally, like applying a vitamin E oil-based cream once or twice a day, so they become thick and strong. You can find out more at about good nail care. Furthermore, try to keep your nails hydrated by drinking plenty of water daily. Moisturize your cuticles with a natural oil like coconut or almond oil if you need to. You can also dip your fingernails in a mixture of milk and lemon juice for about ten minutes to make your nails stronger.


Do Not Overuse Polish Remover

It’s sad to see all the damage made by overusing nail polish remover. If you feel like you need to go at it for way too long, then that means your nails are naturally dry and chipped before you even start painting them. It would help if you never had to work at removing your nail polish; apply a cotton ball with some nail polish remover onto the surface of your nails and let it soak in for thirty seconds before wiping away. If you use remover daily, this could strip away all of the oils added by cuticle oil and other products like hand cream. So if that polish is looking a little dull, simply reapply it and skip out on that remover.


Only Buff Nails When Needed

Buffing is very useful in giving your nails that extra shine and smoothness. However, too much buffing can cause damage. So do it once or twice a month to give yourself some extra shine. Plus, it’ll make your nails look like they’ve been through an entire spa treatment. The best time to buff your nails is right after giving them a manicure or pedicure. After applying cuticle oil, use a buffer to make the nail look shiny before applying the topcoat. This way, you are not decreasing their lifespan by doing it too often. When you overuse buffers to make your nails shiny, they will become weak and eventually break off.


Overnight Mask Is the Key to Longer-Lasting Manicure

When you’re sleeping, your hands are resting and not moving around, which makes it the perfect time for an overnight treatment. Just take a bit of petroleum jelly (yes, that stuff you use to remove ear wax) and rub it on your nails to lock in all the moisture. This is especially useful for those dark or bold colors because they tend to stain your nails easily. While this may seem too much work to keep polish lasting longer, sometimes there’s no replacement for excellent at-home treatment other than even more nail care. But if pets are sharing your bed, make sure they don’t lick off the jelly while you’re asleep. Otherwise, this could lead to health problems. Plus, licking off excess oils can cause digestion issues for them.


Protect Your Nails and Manicure the Right Way

If your nails are short, you can prevent chipping by wearing gloves while cooking or cleaning. You can also opt for gel manicures that don’t chip as easily as regular nail polish due to the absence of a topcoat. If you get a chip in your gel color, make sure you remove it immediately with a bit of remover – again, less is more. Never wear a dark color on your nails before going on an extended vacation because water and sun damage makes it easier for the color to come off. So if you’re ever exposed to water or chemicals, then be sure that your hands are protected from any outbreaks, especially near the area where the cuticle meets the nail. This is where many bacteria and fungus reside, so make sure that you keep it clean by sealing it with a waterproof topcoat or gloves.


Shiny, healthy nails are within your reach. All you need is a little bit of patience and some old-fashioned elbow grease to keep those hands looking fabulous. So don’t be afraid to try out these easy tips because they’ll help ensure that your manicure will last as long as possible.