Luxury Budget

When it comes to living, we all want to do it luxuriously. However, for most people, this is a far-fetched dream that you feel won’t ever come true unless you win a jackpot in a gameshow or some mysterious aunt who you didn’t know you had left a lot of money to you in her will.

But, here’s the thing, you can live a luxurious lifestyle when on a budget, and it’s a lot easier than you’d think, even if you’re just after the feeling of luxury. Here is how you can live a life of luxury, but without breaking the bank.


1. Monitor your finances closely

Keeping a close eye on your income and outgoings is critical. You can do this with a spreadsheet or even the old-fashioned way with a pen and paper. But increasingly, there are a number of money management apps out there specifically designed to help you monitor your spending and cut back where necessary. Take a look at this article for some suggestions of the best.


2. Cook your meals at home rather than eat out

Eating out has its benefits: good food, no washing up, and you get waited on hand, foot and finger. But it can be very expensive and can leave a big dent in your bank account. Cooking from home is cheaper, and if you work out a system in which you clear up as you go, the amount of work you have to do at the end, such as washing up, will be minimal.

To learn more about the benefits of cleaning as you go, read this article from hub. Saving eating out on occasions can also make it feel even more luxurious, as the feeling of being waited on won’t lose its charm.


3. Always look for discounts and sales

This can be a big save on your wallet, and there is no greater feeling than having a great deal on your favourite luxury brand. This can help you walk around like a fashion icon without having to use up all your life savings on a coat. This can also be good when buying high-end gifts for your friends and family members that you want to impress or one-up, as you can then flaunt without letting them know that you brought it in a 70% off sale.


4. Travel wisely

This doesn’t mean blowing all your money on a trip to Malta you have wanted to go on for years just to impress your slightly better-off friends and family. This means travel to luxury locations that won’t cost the earth to get to or stay in Bed and Breakfasts instead of high-end hotels. You don’t need to spend masses of money to stay in Venice or Paris for a while, especially if you are commuting to sightseeing opportunities every day and staying somewhere slightly cheaper. Travelling off-season can also be a big money saver too.


5. Learn how to Thrift effectively

Learning how to thrift effectively might be the perfect way for you to save money. Taking a look in second-hand stores or thrift shops, or even looking at websites such as Vinted and Depop, you can save some money on some good-looking finds, even if it is purchasing a knock-off brand. This can be a good way to look high fashion without spending a lot on clothes, and you might be able to get some excellent finds along the way that can help you feel like you are living the high life.


6. If you are thinking about going to an event, consider renting a dress or a suit

This can be a good way to look expensive and well maintained without breaking the bank. You can rent a dress or a suit for a good amount of money for an evening, which can be great for your wallet. It also means that you don’t need to pay for the clothing to be maintained, especially if you are going to only wear it once. It can be a good decision to make, and there is often a nice large range of dresses and suits to choose from, too.


7. Think about your days out

You might feel that this is where your finances might fall short. But when it comes to luxury standard entertainment, you want to make sure you don’t miss out. Whether it’s a day at the races or visiting a high-end art museum, you can make it happen. Always keep your eyes peeled for discounts and limited-time free access to exhibitions and tickets. Also, keep an eye out for free events in your local city, as these can be easily missed but well worth the time.


To wrap things up

When it comes to living, everyone wants to make sure that they do it luxuriously. There are many ways to do this without ruining your bank account. Living luxuriously is all about being wise with your money, and you can do this through using money managing apps, going out to eat less, looking for discounts and sales, and travelling wisely and off-season. Also effectively thrifting, by renting suits or dresses instead of buying them for a one-time use and finding cheaper days out that normally only the rich would enjoy. There are so many ways you can fulfill the dream of a luxurious lifestyle without having to win the lottery to get it.