5 Star Holiday Room

There is nothing more luxurious than a high-quality hotel bedroom with a super soft grand bed and cushions that you just melt into at the end of a long day. It might seem like a tall order, but bringing that hotel luxury feeling into your own home is a lot easier than you think. With just a few small changes, you can turn your bedroom into your own personal sanctuary and bring that hotel five-star feeling home with you every single night.


Soft furnishings

The best part of a stay in a luxury hotel is the big, comfortable bed that makes you feel like you’re sleeping in the clouds. Bring a bit of that magic into your own bedroom by investing in some high-quality sheets. To best replicate that hotel luxury, go for some super soft, pure cotton sheets with a high thread count. This will help to regulate both temperature and moisture levels, as well as feel silky-smooth against your skin.

Make sure to put the same care into the inside of your bed too. You’ve got a five-star bedroom and you deserve a five-star night’s sleep too. Choose some good quality bedding that will stay plush and fluffy every time you make your bed as well as a high-end mattress for the best night’s sleep possible. Fluff up both your pillows and duvets regularly to keep your bed looking as inviting as it can and make you want to dive in night after night.



Good lighting is essential when you are creating a luxury bedroom. Whether you’re adding a touch of luxury with one of these beautiful silk lamp shades from Penny Morrison or it’s in the form of a perfect scented candle, some high-end lighting will really bring a room to the next level.

Choosing the perfect scent for your candles is important too; a relaxing scent like lavender can help send you to sleep and make your room a calming sanctuary while giving a gorgeous glow and ambience to your room.


Finishing touches

A huge part of the luxury in a hotel comes from the little finishing touches around the room. Whether you’re using statement scatter cushions or big cosy throws, add that extra touch of luxury to your room with some accessories.

If you really want to take your room up a level, incorporate beautiful headboards, such as a quilted or deep-buttoned headboard. This will draw the eye to your bed and make it the central feature of the room, as well as increase the comfort of your bedroom.


Bringing that five-star hotel feeling into your own home is easier than ever with these simple tips. Make your bed into a striking centrepiece with a statement headboard and some high-quality bedding and cushions. Set the mood in your room with a beautiful lamp and some luxury scented candles, and then finish off the room with some gorgeous five-star accessories, like beautiful cushions or a luxurious throw.